4th of July Celebrations

No illegal activities are permitted to take place on Crestlake common areas. As Independence Day approaches, please be aware that launching fireworks from the common areas of Crestlake is forbidden. Your Board expects all Crestlake residents and their guests to comply with this. The liability that might result from such activities is something that your Board strives to protect our property owners from.

It must be noted that the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office will not write an official report without the name of the complaining party. If displeased residents want the Sheriff to act on complaints, they must contact the Sheriff’s Office directly and identify themselves. If a Crestlake resident were violating the law in any other way, the victims would not place anonymous complaints with the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association. Since launching fireworks is a violation of an ordinance/law, the reporting process is to contact the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office in the same manner as any other type of criminal violation.