Annual Dues: What is the process for paying the annual assessement?

Payment of your Crestlake Homeowners’ Association annual assessment must be mailed to address shown on your invoice.

1. CHOA annual Dues Notices are mailed the first part of June each year.

2. CHOA dues are payable no later than July 31 (By-Laws Article XIV, Section 2).

3. CHOA dues become delinquent on August 1 and are subject to a $50 late fee (By-Laws Article II, Section 3).

4. A CHOA U.S. Certified Mail dues notice reminder will be mailed on or about September 1 with the $50 late fee included (By-Laws Article XIV, Section 3).

5. All CHOA annual dues which have not been paid by this time will be submitted to the attorney to proceed for collection on or about October 1. The delinquent homeowner will still be responsible for all fees including an additional $50 late charge that will be added to the attorney’s letter along with all fees for collection (By-Laws Article XIV, Section 5).

The minimum cost at this time will be the amount of the required annual dues plus $100 in late charges plus the attorney, court and legal costs.

Please Note: Typical costs for the delinquent homeowner at this point will be near $650 or more contingent upon when the delinquent homeowner pays. A precedent has been established in the court whereby the delinquent Crestlake homeowner will be liable for the Association dues and all fees.

Summary of CHOA Annual Assessment Costs
     Paid by July 31: $150
     Paid after Aug 1: $150 + $50 = $200
     October 1, after submission to the attorney: $200 + $50 = $250
     After the court legal collection process: Estimated costs will be at least $650