Annual Meeting, January 17, 2010

Crestlake Homeowners’ Association
Annual Membership Meeting
January 17, 2010
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Call to Order 3:04 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Jim Brock – present
Mike Anderson – present
Jaime Kofoot – present
Michele Guido – present
Paul Duitsman – present
Ginny Bolan – present
Elmer Nicklas – present
Rick Edwards – present
Art Rapp – present

Treasurer’s Report
     Jaime Kofoot reported information regarding the 2009 income of CHOA. As far as dues are concerned, there are 341 total lots and there are 20 lots that are still unpaid and are being pursued by the litigation attorney. She reported the income and expenses for 2009. She also listed what her roles were and what she accomplished in 2009 and stated that the roles should be easier for 2010 as there were many changes to the 2009 year.

Architectural Committee Report
     Rick Edwards said overall the 2009 year went smooth. Nothing to report.

Social Committee Report
     The Halloween Parade was a success again this year. No plans as of yet for 2010.

Ponds and Commons Committee Report
     Elmer Nicklas gave a detailed report on the Ponds and Commons. In short, Hawthorne Pond shoreline work and reseeding is complete. Glover Pond shoreline work and reseeding is complete. Park and Grand Ponds repairs will begin as soon as weather permits. The aerator was installed and working on Magnolia Pond. New signs were installed on Magnolia pond. A chemical treatment contract was established with a new provider at a better rate and a new three-year mowing contract was established.

Web and Communications Committee Report
      Mike Anderson reported that the number of visits to the site in 2009 was doubled compared to 2008. Pages were added for Neighborhood Watch and youth events. The Newsletter added 29 subscribers to the list which brings the total number of residents receiving the list to 159. Eight newsletters were sent in 2009 – seven via email and one via US Mail. Many announcements also went out via email. The website will be upgraded in 2010.

Babysitters Committee Report
     In 2009, 30 families requested the list. A total of 46 families that have received the list. There were three babysitters added in 2009 bringing the total number of babysitters in the list to 19.

Neighborhood Watch Committee Report
     Neighborhood Watch met every month except December. A Child Safety Event was organized and was a success. The meetings have been moved to La Luna Café in an effort to create a more informal meeting. Neighborhood Watch is planning three events for 2010 with one of them being the Child Safety Event.

Election of Board Members
      There are three two-year positions that need to be filled. There were no volunteers at the time of the meeting. It was suggested that a possible change would be to make the board seven members instead of nine, but that would need require a change in the By-Laws. It was decided that we need to work hard to recruit people for these positions.

Adoption of 2010 Budget
     Mike presented a detailed sheet on the budget for 2010. Increase in dues was discussed and decided that it would not be necessary until possibly 2012.

Motion to pass budget for 2010
      Made by Paul Duitsman
      Seconded by Ginny Bolan
      Motion approved

New Business
      Mike proposed that billing for the association dues be moved to February instead of July so that all invoices and dues can be collected and completed in the same calendar year. This would take effect in the 2011 calendar year. The July newsletter will explain the change in more detail.

Motion to change dues billing date in 2011
     Made by Ginny Bolan
     Seconded by Jaimie Kofoot
     Motion approved

Motion to adjourn
     Made by Mike Anderson
     Seconded by Jim Brock

Meeting adjourned 3:52 p.m.