Annual Meeting, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Meeting called to order at 3:03 p.m.





Jim Brock


 Mike Anderson


 Sandi Schopp


 Jaime Kofoot


Cindy Ferry


Steve Quick


Phyllis Williams  


Rick Edwards


Dave Schopp Jeff Kern Elmer Nicklas
Carol Tolley Larry Tolley Michele Guido
Virginia Bolen Tom Boaz Dan Tweit
Ernie Monk Sheila Monk Art Rapp
Paul Duitsman Matt Wolfersberger Jeff Wooten

Review of Treasurer’s Year-End Report

Review of Ponds Committee Report

Review of Neighborhood Events
     – No immediate events planned

Nominations for Board members and explanation of Board member terms.

Motion to accept Paul Duitsman, Cindy Ferry, Elmer Nicklas and Mike Anderson to 2 year terms.
     Motion made by Virginia Bolan
     Seconded by Ernie Monk
     Motion Carried

Explanation of pond work completed and pond work proposed as well as the outcome of ballots presented to homeowners for approval of loan regarding same.
     – 65 "Yes" Votes
     – 17 "No" Votes
     – Ballot has carried in the affirmative

Discussion regarding Village Board election and reminder that we have no Crestlake representation on the Village Board.

Discussion regarding parking on E. Grand Avenue. Village attorney advised it was a Village ordinance and therefore not an issue for the Homeowners’ Association.

Discussion regarding loan on ponds
     – Performance Bond
     – Amortization
     – Collateral and Terms (Homeowners’ Association loan – NOT individual homeowners’ loan)
     – Income vs. Expenses
     – Work gets more expensive the longer we wait. Therefore, it makes more sense to do it all at once.

Motion to move forward with pond renovation.
     Motion made by Jim Brock
     Seconded by Cindy Ferry
     Motion Carried

New Business
     – No new business offered

Virginia Bolen nominated herself to fill the last vacant Board position.

Motion to elect Virginia Bolen to the Board.
     Motion made by Mike Anderson
     Seconded by Steve Quick
     Motion Carried

Motion to retain all remaining Board members to the end of their terms.
     Motion made by Ernie Monk
     Seconded by Virginia Bolen
     Motion Carried

Motion to adjourn at 4:10 p.m.
     Motion made by Jim Brock
     Seconded by Mike Anderson
     Motion Carried