Board Meeting – April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009
7:00 p.m.
St. Joseph Township Building

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.





Jim Brock


Mike Anderson


Jaime Kofoot  


Cindy Ferry  


Rick Edwards


Steve Quick  


Elmer Nicklas


Paul Duitsman


Virginia Bolen


Michele Guido Art Rapp Ernie Monk
Dan Shenck Tiffany Shenck  

Minutes of the March Board Meeting were not yet published. They will be approved at the May meeting.

Treasurer’s Report was reviewed

Liens have been filed against four homeowners who are delinquent in paying dues. Two homeowners have paid dues since the last meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Shenck, who moved into Crestlake in August 2008, reported that the first contact that they received from the homeowners’ association was in March 2009, threatening to place a lien on their property for nonpayment of their dues. They expressed their displeasure at having this be the way they were contacted for the first time by the association. They stated that CHOA should have received payment for their dues from Chicago Title since it was included as part of their closing costs. Their concerns were addressed by several board members. Jim and Mike will contact Jaime and McGladrey regarding a missing $93.44 that was paid by the closing company. They will determine how this happened and what can be done to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Architectural Committee
      – Rick received six calls, most were about fences. One was from a family that wants to put up a shed. Two families want to put up fences on the pond side of their property. Rick reported that those homeowners talk to their neighbors about their fences, such as whether the fence would block the neighbor’s view of the pond.
     – M/M Shenk brought the plans for their shed and they were approved by Rick during the meeting.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – On April 7, 250 hybrid sunfish were released in Hawthorne Pond
     – The committee still has not received the plans for Phase 2 of the ponds remediation from Berns and Clancy, but they may not have been picked up from the mailbox. Payment for the bill will be held until the plans have been received.
     – The quote for two applications of chemicals from Spring Green is $3,275.
     – The grass seed sown around Hawthorne Ponds is not coming up.
     – Discussed whether financial issues should be addressed in closed session.
     – Mike reported that he had meetings with both Busey and Gifford banks about a loan to cover the expense of the ponds remediation. No decision has been made yet because the total cost of the work on the ponds has not yet been determined.

Web and Communications Committee
     – There are now 140 subscribers to the Crestlake Newsletter. March was the busiest month ever for the Crestlake website.

Hotline Report
     – Nine calls were received by the Hotline. Most of the calls were from people wanting to install fences on their properties.

Social Committee
     – No activities are planned at this time.

Babysitters Committee
      – Five new requests were received for the babysitters list. Twenty-five Crestlake families now have requested and received the list. There are 15 babysitters listed.

Neighborhood Watch
     – Acknowledgement and thanks were expressed to Art Rapp, Michele Guido and Ginny Bolan for work done on developing the Neighborhood Watch program. Maps and sample letters were distributed to the Board and guests. Crestlake has been divided into 21 areas and those maps have been blown up for each of those areas. Volunteers to be Block Captains for their areas are:
Art Rapp and Scott Weiler – Area 4
Michele Guido – Area 8
Joe Guetzloff – Area 11
Meredith Riegel – Area 12
Ginny Bolan – Area 15
Shellie Altenbrunner – Area 16
Kyle Kietzman – Area 18
Dan and Tiffany Shenck – Area 21
     – The Crestlake Newsletter will be emailed prior to the April 16 Neighborhood Watch meeting and will include an announcement of the scheduled meetings. Neighborhood Watch signs are still available from the Village. Placement of the signs is tentatively planned at the entrances to Crestlake at Park & Grand, Grand between Glover Ct. and Cedar, Sportsman Club Rd., with 3 additional signs to be distributed on streets within Crestlake, possibly on Grand, Cedar and Magnolia.

Open Issues
      – None

New Business
     – None

The meeting was adjourned by Jim at 8:30 p.m.