Board Meeting – August 9, 2009

St. Joseph Township Building
August 13, 2009
Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm

Roll Call
Board Members
Jim Brock – present
Mike Anderson – present
Jaime Kofoot – present
Michele Guido – present
Cindy Ferry – not present
Ginny Bolan – present
Elmer Nicklas – present
Paul Duitsman – present
Rick Edwards – present

Meredith Reigel

Approval of Minutes
July Minutes submitted, Motion to approve, Motion by Ginny Bolan, Seconded by Rick Edwards, Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report
     – All of the accounts have been moved to Gifford State Bank. Jaime ordered new checks, ledger, deposit slips and a Deposit Only stamp.
     – Jaime is setting up the Ledger so that in the future it will be easier for the Board as time goes on and positions change.
     – Jaime is getting ready to send out second invoices on August 14. There are about 100 to send out. Jaime will contact members to help as she needs it for stuffing, and sealing envelopes. She is also going to keep track of the ones who do not pay the late fee and it will be put onto next year’s invoice.
     – Maggie Anderson has agreed to meet with the possible new accountant. Jaime wants to have someone meet with him before we proceed.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Motion by Ginny Bolan, Seconded by Paul Duitsman, Motion carried.

Secretary’s report
    – Question about the welcome letter. Mike Anderson has a welcome letter and will get with Michele to proceed with this. Michele has volunteered to go to the homes and meet the new homeowners instead of just sending out a letter.

Architectural Committee
     – Terry Lynch is putting up a four-foot fence for dogs on Hawthorne, all within guidelines.

Hotline Report
     – There were six calls last month – four of them were dues related of which three were one woman calling because she has two lots and thinks that she should only have to pay for one. One call was for a lost pet  – the homeowner was wondering why we do not have something in place for people to call or do in case of lost pet. The other call was for a noise complaint in which they were referred to the Sheriff’s Dept.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – Elmer has contacted a person about the maintenance of the ponds to get an estimate. As of meeting time he had not heard back just yet.
     – Marine Biochemist lost a check from CHOA. Jaime had to put a stop payment on the check and pay the fee. In return for the inconvenience, Marine Biochemist will treat ½ of Grand Pond for no charge and the next invoice should read no charge.
     – Elmer had emailed Burns Clancy about paperwork to get project started and as of meeting time had not heard anything back.
     – Elmer called Kevin Franzen who does the mowing and wants to get in the contract a 4-inch limit on the mowing of the areas. It seems that there are times where the mowing is too soon from the previous time. Elmer is going to send a letter if he does not hear back from Kevin.

     – Jim is going to send a letter to all residents living on the ponds about the upcoming work to ensure the safety of all residents. Ginny feels Jim should be specific in the wording regarding children.

Loan Application
     – Since the last meeting a lot had taken place. The cost was going to be extreme to go with Busey and the USDA loan guarantee. Mike Anderson called all three banks and told them what we are looking for. Gifford State Bank responded with a 6.5% fixed rate for 60 months and no USDA involvement. Mike called Busey and asked if they could match that and Busey said they could not. Mike called for a special meeting to approve the plans. Motion carried and papers were signed on August 10, 2009. All checking accounts and Cd’s will be with Gifford State Bank as part of the agreement.

Web and Communications Committee
     – July had the highest number of visitors to date.
     – Eight more names were added 8 more to the email list.
     – Neighborhood Watch has also been added to the site.

Babysitters Committee
     – There were four more requests for the list last this month. 38 families now have the list. One person called to remove their name from the list. It was an adult and Michele Guido will follow up to make sure this is what they wanted.

Social Committee
     – Jim Brock’s wife wants to help with the Halloween party. Meredith Reigel was there on behalf of Janilyn and wants to know if there will be funding for the Halloween party and she was told yes.

Neighborhood Watch
     – The committee is working diligently to put together the Child Safety event for September 13, 2009. It is running into a problem contacting Deputy Billman so Jim is going to contact the Sheriff’s Dept.

Open Issues
     – Nothing at this time.

New Business
     – Ginny Bolan brought information on Prairieland Mediation Center. It is willing to mediate issues in Crestlake if needed. If there is a fee, it is minimal. It could be a good resource to refer homeowners to if they are having problems that they do not want to involve the Sheriff’s Dept. or it is something that is out of the Association’s control.
     – Jim is going to contact Cindy Ferry and talk to her about her intentions on staying with the board. By Laws state that you have to attend 75% of the meetings and Cindy has not attended since the January meeting.

Next meeting is September 10, 2009

Neighborhood watch meeting is August 20, 2009

Motion to adjourn
     Motion by Ginny Bolan
     Seconded by Elmer Nicklas
     Meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.