Board Meeting – December 10, 2009

St. Joseph Township Building
December 10, 2009

Call to Order 7:01 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Jim Brock – present
Mike Anderson – present
Jaime Kofoot – present
Michele Guido – present
Paul Duitsman – present
Ginny Bolan – absent
Elmer Nicklas – present
Rick Edwards – present

Approval of November Minutes
Motion to approve
Motion made and seconded
Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report
     – Busey Bank account will be closed within the next week.
     – Jaime has checked with all vendors and made sure that there are no outstanding bills.
     – She is putting everything together for yearend so that the new treasurer in 2010 can start fresh.
     – Elmer met with Kevin Franzen and all billing issues were settled.
     – Loan payments are being made out of account.
     – The new accountant handling everything and he will have everything he needs by next week.
     – As for dues not paid, attorney letters are not out and will be sent out no later than January 4, 2010. It was decided not to send them out before Christmas. There are still 25 unpaid.

Secretary’s Report
     – There is nothing to report.

Architectural Committee
     – There is nothing to report

Hotline Report
      – There were eight calls to the hotline and all were dues related and clearance letter related.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – There are two sump pumps on Glover Pond that are an issue. Elmer will send them a letter regarding moving them by a certain date or the option to pay a fee and they will be moved for the homeowner. If they are not moved by April 1, 2010, we will move forward on getting them moved.
     – Elmer will also send a letter to Marine Biochemists letting them know that we will no longer need their services.
     – Elmer submitted a 2010 budget request for ponds and commons.

Web and Communications Committee
     – November was the busiest month yet for the website – 711 visits to the site.
     – During the months of January and February, Mike will be upgrading the software that is used for the website. This will have a small fee of less than $100.00 for the software needed to continue to do the newsletters and the calendar.
     – The newsletter mailing list added one more this month bringing the total number of residents receiving the newsletter to 157.
     – The newsletter will go out next week. Please get Mike anything that you may have for it. This newsletter will include information regarding the Annual Meeting.

Babysitter Committee
     – One more family requested the list.

Social Committee
     – Nothing to report.

Neighborhood Watch
     – The holiday party/meeting at La Luna Cafe went well. It did not draw in the interest that we were hoping for but was a nice time.
     – A block captain was gained at the party and then resigned a week later.
     – Jim Brock is going to put a budget together for Neighborhood Watch.
     – It was also discussed if Neighborhood Watch and Social Committee should be combined.

Open Issues
     – The 2010 budget meeting date is set for January 7. Officers only need to attend.
     – The Roles and Responsibilities chart was looked over and Mike will be making a new one with positions instead of names.
     – There are three board positions up in 2010. This will all be discussed at Annual Meeting. Mike is willing to take on president position if he can find someone to take over the newsletter. He is looking for a person to write it and he is willing to publish it.
     – Jim is going to approach someone regarding Treasurer’s position. He is hopeful that this person will want to get involved.
     – The Board of Director’s monthly meeting has been changed to the second Wednesday of each month starting in February.
     – Members will continue to attend Village Board meetings in 2010 and a new schedule will be made in February.

Next meeting is Annual Meeting on January 17, 2010 at 3:00 pm at the Prince of Peace Church.

Motion to adjourn
Mike motioned
Paul Seconded
Meeting adjourned 8:40pm