Board Meeting – February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009
St. Joseph Township Building

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.





Jim Brock


Mike Anderson


Jaime Kofoot


Cindy Ferry


Rick Edwards


Steve Quick  


Elmer Nicklas  


Paul Duitsman  


Virginia Bolen


Michele Guido Ernie Monk Sheila Monk
Art Rapp    

Motion to adopt Minutes of the Board Meeting of 1/25/09 with the corrections being made to correct Art Rapp’s name.
     Motion made by Mike Anderson
     Seconded by Virginia Bohlen
     Motion Carried

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report as submitted
     Motion made by Virginia Bolen
     Seconded by Mike Anderson
     Motion Carried

Jaime reported that our taxes have been completed by McGladrey and that we owe state and federal taxes. Guest Art Rapp questioned why, if we are a not for profit organization, why we would owe taxes. We discussed this and can only think it may be from interest on CDs or money from litigation settlement. Jaime also mentioned that there is a bill from Marine Biochemists for over $3,000.00 for services rendered summer 2008. Jaime will check with Sandi to see if this bill has actually been paid.

Architectural Committee – nothing to report.

Ponds and Commons Committee report given by note from Elmer Nicklas.
     – Elmer met with Kevin Franzen to discuss mowing. It was determined that Kevin doesn’t actually have a contract but a proposal from Dave Fritz, and he is paid per mow.
     – Kevin indicated that he is not willing to continue mowing after the 2009 season. Elmer urged him to work with the new board.
     – There are complaints both ways – too much mowing and not enough mowing. Elmer will oversee the mowing.
     – A contract with Marine Biochemist for pond treatments in 2009 was discussed with three payments of $922. Michele Guido questioned if a board member actually signed off on doing the treatments.  Jaime will check with Jim and Sandi. The committee will also meet and determine what treatments are actually needed and get a bid for the treatments.
     – A flyer about aquatic plants and fish was discussed. We discussed the stocking of the ponds and that no one can introduce new stock to the ponds without approval of the board.
     – Guest Ernie Monk mentioned that planting different grasses around the ponds may be needed. The committee will look at the options available.

Social Committee
     – The possibility of a fishing derby for kids was discussed.

Babysitter’s Committee
      – Nothing to report

Neighborhood Watch
     – Jim Brock will hold an informational meeting on February 19 at 7:00 p.m. The new Deputy is willing to come to meeting.

Web and Communications Committee
     – Steve Glasgow, graphic designer, has volunteered his skills.
     – Mike discussed the sequence of the distribution of the newsletters:
          March – electronic
          June – with CHOA dues billing
          September – electronic
          December – electronic
     – Mike reported that there are some spam blocker issues with our email delivery. He is working to clear up the issue.

Open Issues
     – None at this time.

New Business
     – Discussed the process for individuals who don’t pay their association dues, and the recourse we take for those who don’t pay by the due date.

     – Mike Anderson will get the Welcome letters to Cindy Ferry.
     – Jaime Kofoot to check into the Marine Biochemist invoice.

Motion to adjourn at 8:12 p.m.
     Motion made by Rick Edwards
     Seconded by Cindy Ferry
     Motion Carried