Board Meeting – January 17, 2010

Crestlake Homeowners’ Association
Board Meeting
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
January 17, 2010

Call to Order: 3:55 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Jim Brock – present
Mike Anderson – present
Jaime Kofoot – present
Michele Guido – present
Paul Duitsman – present
Elmer Nicklas -present
Ginny Bolan – present
Rick Edwards – present
Art Rapp – present

Approval of December Minutes
Motion to approve
Motion made and seconded
Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report
     Jaime has everything ready to transfer to the new accountant. Also has everything ready to turn over to the new Treasurer. Jaime will make herself available to help the new person in any way she can.

Committee Reports
All Committee Reports were given at the Annual Meeting prior to this meeting.

Election of Officers
President – Mike Anderson
Vice President – Art Rapp
Secretary – Michele Guido
Treasurer – Paul Duitsman
Sergeant at Arms – Elmer Nicklas

Motion to elect officers
     Made by Ginny Bolan
     Seconded by Michele Guido
     Motion carried

Appointment of Committee Chairs
Architectural – Rick Edwards
Ponds and Commons – Elmer Nicklas
Neighborhood Watch/Social – Jim Brock
Web and Communications – Ginny Bolan
Babysitters – Mike Anderson

Neighborhood Watch and Social Committee will now be one committee.

Motion to elect committee chairs
     Made by Ginny Bolan
     Seconded by Michele Guido
     Motion carried

Open Issues
     The board is going to work diligently to find and recruit new people to serve on the board and be involved.
     The board will continue to go to Village Board Meetings on behalf of the CHOA. Mike will make a new list of who needs to attend when.
     A letter is being sent to Matthew and Carrie Artega regarding their trampoline in the commons area. They are being asked to remove it from the commons area and onto their property within the next 30 days.

New Business
     Meetings have been changed to the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm at Township Building. Michele Guido provided the board with a list of those dates.

Next Board Meeting
February 10, 2010

Motion to Adjourn
     Made by Ginny Bolan
     Seconded by Rick Edwards
Meeting adjourned 4:15 p.m.