Board Meeting – January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Meeting called to order at 4:15 p.m.





Jim Brock


Mike Anderson


Jaime Kofoot


Cindy Ferry


Rick Edwards


Steve Quick


Elmer Nicklas


Paul Duitsman


Virginia Bolen


Michele Guido Jeff Kern Tom Boaz
Art Rapp    

Motion to adopt Minutes of the Board Meeting of 11/13/08
     Motion made by Cindy Ferry
     Seconded by Steve Quick
     motion Carried

Motion to accept Jim Brock as President, Mike Anderson as Vice President, Jaime Kofoot as Treasurer and Cindy Ferry as Secretary.
     Motion made by Virginia Bolen
     Seconded by Steve Quick
     Motion Carried

Rick Edwards to chair Social Committee, Elmer Nicklas to chair Ponds Committee, Mike Anderson to chair Web & Communications and Rick Edwards to chair Architectural Committee.

Architectural Committee – nothing to report.

Pond Committee report given by Elmer Nicklas.
     – Compressor on Magnolia Pond. Audio demonstration given regarding volume.
     – $7,625.00 for compressor and hypoxy box to enclose compressor.
     – $64.70 per month to operator compressor.
     – A line will be run from the transformer box at the end of the sidewalk to the unit.
     – 120 volt outlet recommended.
     – Recommended that we raise it off the ground approximately 3 feet and on the highest ground on the commons area (corner behind Jim Page’s house).
     – Maintenance to operate of approximately $80 – $130 per year for filters, carbon blocks, etc.
     – Compressor will put more oxygen in pond to deter algae.
     – Compressor bid is through Marine Biochemist and will be included in pond loan.

Jim Brock to contact Berns Clancy regarding pond bid on renovation project.

Motion to proceed with Berns Clancy to prepare official bid.
     Motion made by Mike Anderson
     Seconded by Elmer Nicklas
     Motion Carried

Social Committee – Rick Edwards suggested that all requests for events including card nights, etc. should be emailed to the Homeowners’ Association website.

Babysitter’s Committee
     – First publication of list went out December 12, 2008.
     – Babysitters are being emailed by committee members to see how things are going.

Neighborhood Watch by Jim Brock
     – Jim Brock will hold an informational meeting on February 19 at 7:00 p.m.
     – New Deputy is willing to come to meeting.
     – Jaime Kofoot to contact Todd Jacob to get guideline list for Neighborhood Watch.

Web and Communications by Mike Anderson
     – Documents for pond projects added to website.
     – Photographs of Halloween parade and homes at Christmas added.
     – Youth Activities section was added to the website.
     – 134 current subscribers to newsletter list.

Open Issues
     – Parking on E. Grand Avenue discussed at length.
     – Kim Knight is legally parked.
    – Covenants allow Parkers and/or Homeowners’ Association to sue Kim Knight for not parking in her own driveway.
     – Homeowners’ Association will not incur legal fees to sue Kim Knight for parking legally on Grand.

New Business
     – Description of Board member duties discussed. Duties will be posted to website.

Elmer Nicklas will call Marine Biochemist to get estimate on pond maintenance for next year.

Jaime Kofoot will contact Todd Jacobs with State Farm to inquire as to change in liability and premiums due to different materials and pond rock being added to commons areas. Will also check regarding additional insurance coverage during construction.

Jaime Kofoot to contact McGladrey & Pullen to have "New Homeowners List" emailed to Jaime instead of Sandi Schopp. Jaime Kofoot will email list to Cindy Ferry once a month so she can mail out Welcome fliers to new residents.

Jaime Kofoot to contact McGladrey & Pullen regarding their willingness and fee for copying and folding annual newsletters with first dues notice.

Jaime Kofoot to come up with timetable for all future dues notices and attorney notifications.

Motion to change meetings to once a month instead of every other month. Meetings to be held the 2nd Thursday of each month. Therefore, the next board meeting is Thursday, February 12, 2009 at the Township Building at 7:00 p.m.
     Motion made by Jaime Kofoot
     Seconded by Virginia Bolen
     Motion Carried

Jaime Kofoot to coordinate getting Jim Brock, Mike Anderson and Jaime Kofoot to the bank to sign new signature card.

Elmer Nicklas will contact Kevin Franzen regarding Elmer being Kevin’s new contact for all mowing issues.

Motion to adjourn at 5:45 p.m.
     Motion made by Virginia Bolen
     Seconded by Jaime Kofoot
     Motion Carried