Board Meeting – July 9, 2009

St. Joseph Township Building
July 9, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Jim Brock     Present
Mike Anderson     Present
Jaime Kofoot     Present
Michele Guido     Present
Paul Duitsman     Not Present
Ginny Bolan     Present
Elmer Nicklas     Present
Rick Edwards     Present
Cindy Ferry     Present

Jamie Rogers
Suzanne Rogers
J.S. Weiler

Approval of Minutes
Minutes submitted to board
Motion made to approve June minutes
     Motion by Mike Anderson
     Motion seconded by Rick Edwards
     Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report
     – No report to give. It will be ready on Friday.
     – Jamie paid a coworker $150.00 for all the help she did in getting the invoices for dues sent out. A database has now been created for future invoices and only has to be updated and maintained. Jaime has several envelopes that came back and need to be researched to find the proper owner.
     – The association is now done with litigations from last year’s invoices. Mike is going to state somewhere that if you do not pay your dues the cost will go up to over $600.00 if the association has to file charges. Jaime was offered help as the envelopes with dues start to come in but she feels at this time it is best for one person to handle and keep everything in one place.

Secretary’s report
Nothing to report
Michele had several questions on her roles and responsibilities as the secretary. All questions were answered.

Architectural Committee
      – Nothing to report

Hotline Report
     – There were seven calls. Five of them were in regards to the fireworks – three were from the same person. One was a sales call and the other was a hang up.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – Magnolia Pond has cleared up.
     – Ernie Monk purchased the razor needed to clear up the issues of weeds choking the north end of Hawthorne.
     – Elmer is investigating looking into a new bio-chemist company to do the work. Elmer has not been 100% satisfied with the work they are doing and their availability. A resident offered to do the work but it is very costly to get licensed to be able to do that. The board decided that Elmer should look into other companies.

Ponds Remediation
     – Busey Bank offered a 5 year fixed rate at 6.5% Gifford offered a 3 year fixed but really only wanted to do a one year. It was decided to go with Busey. The USDA will back the loan for a fee of 1% of the loan. USDA guarantees 90% of the loan for Busey. There is no collateral so this is a safe way for Busey. With the USDA, the engineer will have to prepare letters for specific environmental agencies. After a 30 day waiting period for objections, if there are none, then the loan moves forward.
     – After looking at all scenarios and costs, a smaller proposal has been made on the work that needs to be done. It was proposed that the riprap part of the project for Magnolia Pond be taken out and $38, 000 will be saved. Get a loan for $136,121 for five years. Then abrain a loan in 2015 to install the riprap on Magnolia Pond. The Committee feels this is an obvious thing to do.
     – Mike provided everyone with financial projections for the Association through 2020. After looking at the projections, the board felt comfortable with this also. It will give greater flexibility at the end of the first loan when it is time for the Magnolia riprap. Guests that attended the meeting were in agreement.

Motion to continue with the plan decided above
     Motion by Mike Anderson
     Ginny Bolan seconded the motion
     Motion carried

Web and Communications Committee
     – In the first half of 2009 use of website is up 130% compared to 2008
     – 151 subscribers to the electronic newsletter
     – 4 new people since the hard copy newsletter went out.

Babysitters Committee
     – 36 families have requested the list
     – 19 sitters on the list

Social Committee
     – The Halloween parade and party will still be taking place.
     – Suzanne Rogers suggested that the Social Committee do some type of survey to see what residents want. Like a survey they could tick off their interests. She feels this could be effective in getting a response.

Neighborhood Watch Committee
     – The next meeting is July 18 at 7:00 pm.
     – Art Rapp’s mixer/block party went really well. Jim, Ginny and Michele all attended on behalf of the committee.
     – Jim and Michele are looking at doing something for their section and the Park Pond sections to get more involvement. Hopefully at the end of July.
     – Jim spoke with Deputy Billman and he thinks the child safety program we are trying to organize is a great idea. There was discussion on when to have it – a Thursday evening or a Saturday afternoon. There was also discussion on how big of an event it should be. Do not want to be overwhelmed by people and not have enough hands to cover it all and make it a nice event.
     – Jim has contacted the village and the signs will be going up.
     – Deputy Billman is showing more interest in Neighborhood Watch.

Open Issues
There are no open issues.

New Business
There was no new business.

Next meeting is August 13, 2009

Neighborhood Watch meeting July 16, 2009

Village Board meeting
Michele will attend July 14, 2009
Mike will attend July 25, 2009
Ginny will attend August 11, 2009
Jim will attend August 25, 2009

Motion to adjourn
     Motion made by Mike Anderson
     Seconded by Ginny Bolan
     Meeting adjourned 8:14pm