Board Meeting – June 11, 2009

St. Joseph Township Building
June 11, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m.

Board Members

Jim Brock         Present
Mike Anderson  Present
Jaime Kofoot    Present
Elmer Nicklas    Present
Ginny Bolan      Present
Rick Edwards     Present
Cindy Ferry       Absent
Paul Duitsman  Present
Michele Guido   Present

Art Rapp

Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve minutes of May meeting
     Motion made and seconded
     Motion carried

Minutes from the March were submitted to the board.
Motion to approve minutes of March meeting
     Motion by Mike Anderson
     Seconded by Paul Duitsman
     Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report
     – Getting ready to send out invoices.
     – No deposits were made.
     – Mike suggested changing the title “Loan Repayment” to “Ponds Remediation” on the Treasurer’s Report.

Secretary’s Report
     Nothing to report.

Architectural Committee
     – There was a contact regarding a generator that was approved.
     – Rick also had concerns on what to do if presented with a request for personal windmills? It was decided after discussion that it is more than likely a village issue. We will deal with it of it comes up in the future.

Hotline Reports
     – There were six calls – one to Rick and five were for HOA letters for closings. There was also one last month from a lady reporting that kids were throwing rocks at geese.

Ponds and Commons Committee

     – There is an issue on Hawthorne Pond with a weed that is chocking the north end of the pond. It is a large leaf weed or a submerged weed. It needs to be cut off or chemically treated. Elmer is going to look into it and the board trusts Elmer’s judgment on either cutting it off or chemically treating it.

Cost of Remediation and Loan Application
     – Ready to accept low bid from Daniel L. Ribbe Trucking.
     – Mike presented the board with a projection for the next 10 years and where the association would be financially when the loan is paid off. After reviewing the information it was concluded that the association will be good at the time of the payoff.
     – Mike will make appointments with Busey Bank and Gifford State Bank.

Web and Communications Committee
     – The June newsletter is being worked on and will be completed by the end of the week. It will be mailed with the invoices.
     – There are 146 members now signed up to receive the newsletter via email.

Babysitter’s Committee
     – Requests are coming in and the word is getting out that the list is available.

Social Committee
     – Nothing to report at this time. Rick is putting something together to go in the June newsletter and will have it to Mike by Saturday.

Neighborhood Watch Committee
     – The committee decided that it is time to put a page on the website to encourage others to participate and to give them information on how it works. Ginny will be working on this. Ginny is also putting something together to go in the June newsletter.
     – There have been two requests to Deputy Billman to attend the meetings and no response to date.
     – The committee also decided to move forward with installing the Neighborhood Watch signs.
     – The Neighborhood Watch committee is also looking for others to step up that are not on the board. The committee currently consists of three board members.

Open Issues
     – The performance of McGladrey & Pullen was discussed. Jaime presented the board with copies of the billing history with McGladrey from July 2008 to present. They are charging much more than the original contract stated. Jaime has written a letter to McGladrey regarding the issue and has asked the board to go over it and if there are any changes please let her know by the beginning of the week.
     – Jaime contacted five accountants for estimates to replace McGladrey. Jaime is interested in two of them. The board felt Jaime should check on both.
     – McGladrey will continue doing the clearance letters at this time. They will not be doing the invoices. The Association will be doing the invoices this year. Jaime will print the invoices and envelopes, and the board will get together to fold, stuff and mail them. This needs to be done by July 1. Jaime will call when she is ready to have them folded, stuffed, and mailed.

New Business
     – Steve Quick resigned from the board and Sergeant at Arms. Cindy Ferry stepped down as secretary.
     – Michele Guido volunteered to be secretary.
     – Motion to appoint Michele Guido to the board, replacing Steve Quick, and elect her to be secretary, replacing Cindy Ferry.
          Motion made by Ginny Bolen
          Seconded by Elmer Nicklas
          Motion carried
     – Motion to elect Paul Duitsman to be Sergeant at Arms.
          Motion made by Jim Brock
          Seconded by Ginny Bolen
          Motion carried
     – Rick knows someone who may want to place an ad on the Crestlake website regarding the fertilizer that is best for the ponds. The person is willing to offer a discount to be able to put a banner on the website. Mike said the website software is capable of doing that. Need to investigate if, as a nonprofit organization, we can make money.
     – From last month regarding the letter about the barking dogs: It was decided to do nothing unless the issue comes up again. The original complaint was dated March 18 and was not received by board until May. If the complaint is renewed, it will be acted on then.

Next Meeting
July 9, 2009

Neighborhood Watch meeting June 18

Village Board meeting:
Jaime to attend June 23
Michele to attend July 14

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m.