Board Meeting – June 9, 2010

St. Joseph Township Building
 June 9, 2010

Call to order at 7:04 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Mike Anderson – Present

Art Rapp – Present
Paul Duitsman – Present
Michele Guido – Present
Ginny Bolan – Absent
Jim Brock – Absent
Rick Edwards – Present
Elmer Nicklas – Present

Approval of Minutes
     – Motion to approve May minutes
     – Motion seconded and approved

Treasurer’s Report
     – Checks are coming in despite the early invoices. About 100 people are paid to date.
     – The CD has been cashed in and added to the checking account.
     – Paul and Mike will be meeting with the accountant in the coming month.

Secretary’s Report
      – There were five homes sold in May. Welcome letters were sent to all of them welcoming them to the CHOA.

Committee Reports
Architectural Committee

     – There were two contacts made during May – one regarding a shed and one regarding a dry well.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – There is one less invoice from Kevin Franzen this year then this time last year. Not sure why. A letter was sent to Kevin Franzen regarding the rolling of the commons area and the fact that CHOA does not want this done anymore.
     – Elmer spoke with Ribbe regarding the lowering of the basket on Glover Pond. Ribbe has said he wants to start on Park and Grand Ponds as soon as weather permits. Elmer let Ribbe know that we want this project completed ASAP.
     – To date Matt Cooper has trapped four muskrats. After another sighting he has set more traps. Matt would like to be notified of any sightings.
     – Elmer has a price of $2,000.00 from Michael Scott regarding getting rid of the horse hair algae on Park Pond.

Web and Communications
     – There will be a hard copy newsletter going out hopefully by the end of June. It will be very informational especially since for some residents, this is the only information they receive.
     – One more person signed up for the newsletter email. 171 people now receive it.

Babysitter’s List
     – One family requested the list. 53 families now have the list. Mike is wondering if the babysitters need to be contacted to see if they either want to stay on the list or be removed.

Hotline Report
     – One call from a resident regarding a complaint about a neighbor’s yard.

Neighborhood Watch/Social Committee
     – There were no entries for the fishing derby.
     – It was stated that maybe the Child Safety event and the Halloween Parade should be the only two main events.
     – It was also suggested that the Neighborhood Watch/Social Committee meet quarterly or even meet after the CHOA board meeting. Like the babysitters list – once it is established, the need to meet may not be as great as it was in the beginning unless planning an event.

Open Issues
     – Open Board member position. There is concern that with many members’ terms being up in 2011, what will happen to the CHOA. It is imperative that more people participate and get involved. All members now are actively pursuing people but not having any luck.

New Business
     – The complaint regarding the mowing of a residence on Park Avenue has been resolved.

     – Motion to adjourn by Elmer Nicklas
     – Seconded by Paul Duitsman
     – Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.