Board Meeting – March 10, 2010

St. Joseph Township Building
March 10, 2010

Call to order 7:05 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Mike Anderson – Present
Ginny Bolan – Present
Art Rapp – Absent
Rick Edwards – Present
Paul Duitsman – Present
Elmer Nicklas – Present
Michele Guido – Present
Jim Brock – Present

Ernie Monk

Approval of Minutes
     – Motion to approve February minutes
     – Motion seconded
     – Motion approved

Treasurer’s Report
     – Treasurer’s Report approved.
     – Tax returns have been mailed.
     – There are still 13 homeowners with unpaid dues.

Secretary’s Report
     – Nothing to report

Committee Reports
Architectural Committee

      – Nothing to report.

Ponds and Commons
     – Kevin Franzen has started rolling the commons areas and has done damage to the common areas of Park Pond and Grand Pond due to it being so wet. He will repair the damage that he has done.
     – Elmer got a quote from Tru-Green and it was decided that it is not in the budget to be able to do this.
     – Ribbe is going to begin work on Grand and Park ponds when the ground is drier. Elmer has been in contact with them and worked out a plan.
     – Elmer has been in contact with the chemical treatment person and would like him to attend next meeting to discuss a plan.

Web and Communications
     – Ginny is working on the newsletter and it will be out the fourth week of every month via email. She has asked that all reports from committees be to here in timely manner so that she can take care of newsletter.
     – Mike reported that four more people signed up to receive newsletter. The total number of residents receiving newsletter is now 165.

Babysitters Committee
     – Three more families have signed up to receive the list. There are now 50 families that have the list.

Hotline Report
     – There was one call in the month of February which was regarding ice fishing.

Neighborhood Watch/Social Committee
     – There are several events in the works. There is a plan to have a garden walk. The date will be set at next Neighborhood Watch meeting. The Boy Scouts would like to have a cleanup day and fishing derby in June and it was decided that was a good idea to do so.

Open Issues
     – Open Member position: Elmer and Jim have tried again this month to recruit someone but have had no luck in doing so.
     – New Rules and Regulations: The Rules and Regulations were discussed and amended. A new copy will be made and brought to a vote at the next meeting. At that time it will be added to the website.

New Business
     – A problem with the geese was brought to the attention of the board. Elmer did some research and found some ideas that could help. All of them will cost money that it is not in the budget at this time. It will be looked into further at future meetings. If a resident would like to do something then the board would support that.

Motion to Adjourn
     – Made by Nicklas
     – Seconded by Brock
     – Meeting adjourned 8:00 p.m.

Next Board Meeting – April 14, 2010
Next Neighborhood Watch meeting – March 18, 2010

Upcoming Village Board meetings
March 23 – Rick Edwards
April 13 – Michele Guido
April 27 – Elmer Nicklas