Board Meeting – May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009
7:00 p.m.
St. Joseph Township Building

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.





Jim Brock


Mike Anderson


Jaime Kofoot


Cindy Ferry  


Rick Edwards


Steve Quick  


Elmer Nicklas


Paul Duitsman


Virginia Bolen


Michele Guido Mary Jo Thomsen Ernie Monk

Motion to adopt Minutes of the April Board Meeting
     Motion made by Mike Anderson
     Seconded by Virginia Bolen
     Motion Carried

Treasurer’s Report
     – Bills were reviewed

Secretary’s Report
     – Cindy Ferry is unable to continue as Secretary due to her many responsibilities. The Board accepted her resignation from being Secretary and will identify a new Secretary.

Architectural Committee
      – A request for approval was received to install a fence at 2300 E. Grand Ave. The request was approved and the residents were referred to the Village for the appropriate permits.

Hotline Report
     – The Hotline received 3 requests for letters and a relocation company also called for a letter.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – Elmer reported that he did not attend the Pond Maintenance class as he had planned.
     – Work is continuing on seeding grass around Hawthorne Ponds.
     – Elmer also reported that he gave Kevin information on the acreage of the commons areas.
     – Catalpa Commons has been fertilized and weed control applied.
     – Jim recommended that the cost for Engineering services be moved from the Lawn Mowing line item to the Pond
Management line item.
     – A recommendation was made that the Newsletter include a request that residents not blow grass clippings into the streets and that granular fertilizer which lands in the street be blown back into the yard to reduce pollution and needs for treatment of the ponds. Also phosphorous-free fertilizers should be encouraged to reduce pollution of the ponds.
     – If contractors want to bid on doing maintenance work on the commons, they should have proper credentials, bonding and insurance.
     – Phase 2 Pond Remediation: Bid letters were sent by Berns, Clancy and Associates. Six contractors have expressed interest in bidding. One contractor has asked for an extension. The Board feels that if one contractor receives an extension, all contractors should be given an extension. Berns, Clancy will be instructed to notify all contractors to that the new deadline is the end of business on 5/22/2009.
     – Mike delivered two sets of documents to Busey Bank for their use and to give to the USDA office. Representatives from Busey Bank and USDA are willing to attend a Board meeting.

Web and Communications Committee
     – April was the second busiest month since the website was launched. March 2009 was the busiest month.
     – There are two new subscribers to the Crestlake newsletter, for a total of 142 subscribers.
     – There was a discussion about the June newsletter which will be mailed with the bills for the Association dues. It was suggested that the newsletter should include information on fireworks, trailer parking, babysitters and neighborhood watch.

Babysitters Committee
     – Five new requests for the Babysitters List were received. Now 30 Crestlake families have received the list. One new
babysitter has been added to the list. There are now 18 babysitters listed.

Social Committee
     – The block captains for Neighborhood Watch areas 4 and 8 are planning block parties for their areas. The Social Committee may be able to sponsor the block parties.
     – A barbecue contest was also discussed. If a barbecue contest is planned, announcements should be sent to Mike Anderson for inclusion in the newsletter.

Neighborhood Watch
     – Meetings are planned on a monthly basis for Neighborhood Watch. The signs will be purchased from the Village and the Village will install the signs. The Champaign County deputy who covers the Village will be invited to a Neighborhood Watch meeting. Block Captains are still needed for 12 of the areas.

Open Issues
      – Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

New Business
     – Discussion about services received from and costs of the services from McGladrey and Pullen. Jamie reviewed the original contract which was for $2,900/yr. The fees billed so far in 2009 have been $3,000. Last year’s fees from McGladrey totaled $9,300.
     – Jim made a motion to schedule a meeting with McGladrey. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned by Jim at 8:30 p.m.