Board Meeting – November 10, 2010

Crestlake Homeowners’ Association
Board Meeting
St. Joseph Township Building
November 10, 2010

Call to order at 7:01 p.m.

Roll Call
Boar Members

Mike Anderson – Present
Art Rapp – Present
Paul Duitsman – Present
Michele Guido – Present
Jim Brock – Present
Elmer Nicklas – Present
Ginny Bolan – Present
Rick Edwards – Present

No guests present

Minutes from previous meeting
     – Motion made
     – Motion seconded and approved

Treasurer’s Report
     – All bills are paid and up to date as of meeting time.
     – There are eight unpaid dues for 2010 with three of them being foreclosures.

Secretary’s Report
     – There were no home sales during October.

Committee Reports
Architectural Committee

     – Nothing to report

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – The muskrats are back. There have been two sightings. Elmer will look into finding a person who might be interested in trapping as a hobby during the trapping dates of 11-5-2010 to 1-25-2011.
     – Elmer has made recommendations to the board as far as the budget concerning weed control and pond management.

Web and Communications Committee
     – Halloween pictures have been added to the website.
     – Two more subscriptions have been added. A total of 181 homes receive updates via email.
     – The newsletter will be going out after the Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Babysitters Committee
     – One more family requested the list. 58 families have list.

Hotline Report
     – There were four calls to the hotline duringOctober. One regarding a refinance, the other three from one homeowner with questions regarding sale of home.

Neighborhood Watch/Social Committee
     – The Halloween parade was a success this year. About 40 kids attended the parade and festivities.

Open Issues
     – There will be a December meeting of the board with a budget meeting immediately following. The annual meeting will be January 16, 2011.

New Business
     – There are several board members that are retiring and several that would like to be off the board as they have served beyond their allotted time. Two board members are retiring for sure. Two more would like to be done also.

Motion to adjourn
      – Meeting adjourned 7:50 p.m.