Board Meeting, November 13, 2008

Woodard’s Crestlake Homeowners’ Association
Board Meeting
November 13, 2008 @ 7:00 p.m.
St. Joseph Township Building

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.





Jim Brock


Mike Anderson


Sandi Schopp


Jaime Kofoot


Jim Page  


Cindy Ferry


Steve Quick  


Phyllis Williams  


Rick Edwards


Lori Kietzmann Mike Birt Michele Guido
Elmer Nicklas Sherrie Lanzo Amy Blaisdell
Dave Schopp    


  • Motion to adopt Minutes of the Board Meeting of 9/11/08
    • Motion made by Mike Anderson
    • Seconded by Jaime Kofoot
    • Motion Carried

  • Review of Treasurer’s Report
     – $6,000.00 CD set to renew 12/1/08

  • Motion to cash out CD for $6,000.00
    • motion made by Jaime Kofoot
    • Seconded by Cindy Ferry
    • Motion Carried

  •  Budget meeting set for December 4, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Sandi Schopp.

  • Decision to have McGladrey send out third notice to homeowners with delinquent dues.

  • Motion to accept Treasurer’s report
    •  Motion made by Cindy Ferry
    • Seconded by Jim Brock
    • Motion Carried

  • Jim Page’s resignation announced

  • Discussion of pond remediation
    • Review of Berns Clancy potential bids.
    • $170,000.00 for 4,120 lineal feet of shoreline (this includes all ponds except Park Lake and Grand Lake shorelines).

  • Elmer Nicklas talked about Magnolia Pond aerator and provided Board with an estimate. Elmer will find out where another aeration unit is for the Board to look at before we approve the bid/aeration unit.

  • Jim Brock to contact Berns Clancy regarding Ribbe’s bill for seeding.

  • Board commended the Social Committee regarding the Halloween parade. The Board also recognized St. Joseph IGA for its generous donations.

  • Homeowner presented a question regarding future get-togethers. It was recommended that she visit the Crestlake website and contact the social committee with suggestions.

  • Webmaster advised that web usage is up by 20% and pictures have been added to the website.

  • Discussion regarding Neighborhood Watch
    • Signs can be purchased from the Village to be posted in neighborhoods.
    • Jim Brock to set kick-off meeting with officer present.

  • Motorhome storage problem has been resolved.
    • Jim Brock to send letters to parking violators with covenant reminder.

  • Discussion regarding Babysitter Committee
    • Review of proposed website set-up.
    • Keep list of sitters and people needing sitters limited to Crestlake residents.
    • Babysitters are to be 12 years or older.
    • DCFS and Carle Safe Sitter Program were contacted regarding legal age of sitters. Both facilities state that there is no legal age.

  • Motion to approve babysitter program as prepared by the Committee.
    • Motion made by Mike Anderson
    • Seconded by Rick Edwards
    • Motion Carried

  • Decision to have Board members rotate attending the Village meetings. Mike Anderson to circulate the schedule.

  • Annual Membership meeting has been scheduled for January 25, 2009. Jaime Kofoot to contact Prince of Peace to reserve their conference room.

  • Motion to adjourn
    • Motion made by Cindy Ferry
    • Seconded by Jim Brock
    • Motion Carried