Board Meeting – October 10, 2009

St. Joseph Township Building
October 8, 2009

Jim Brock – absent
Mike Anderson – present
Jaime Kofoot – present
Michele Guido – present
Paul Duitsman – present
Ginny Bolan – present
Elmer Nicklas – present
Rick Edwards – present
Cindy Ferry – not present

Art Rapp

Approval of Minutes
     Motion to approve September minutes
     Motion made and seconded
     Motion carried

Secretary’s Report
    – The welcome letters to new residents are ready to go out. All research has been completed and Michele needed to know how far back to go in 2009 to send the letters out. It was agreed that Michele go back 90 days and send letters to new homeowners. She will begin to do that this week and keep track of new home sales and also let Jaime know to help in keeping her database up to date. A letter is to be sent to the property owners mailing address if it is different from the address of the property.

Architectural Committee Report
     – A resident at 504 Hawthorne has a fence that is over the property line. He submitted plans that were OK, but the fence was installed 4 – 10 feet over the property line. Rick told the resident he would bring it to the Board and see what needs to be done. The Board discussed the issue. Ginny motioned that his fence needs to be installed within its property line no later than April 30, 2010. Mike seconded the motion. Motion approved. Board will send a formal letter to the homeowner.

Hotline Report
     – There were not many calls to report according to Mike. Jim was not present to give the breakdown of the calls.

Ponds and Commons Committee Report
     – The work on Hawthorne Pond is almost complete.
     – Remco Electric has completed their job but Ginny voiced concern over the trench that they left behind. Elmer will contact them and ask them to fix it and will send them a check when it is complete.
     – The bids are in for mowing and Elmer moved to give the contract to the lowest bidder for three years. Mike seconded the motion. Motion approved. Kevin Franzen will be handling all mowing for three years.
     – As far as the chemical treatment of the ponds, Michael Scott gave an estimate and he came with excellent recommendations from several places, including the City of Champaign. He spent quite a bit of time doing the estimate. He is cheaper than Marine Biochemist and is much easier to get a hold of when needed. Elmer recommended that we go with Michael Scott for our future needs. Ginny moved to use Michael Scott for chemical maintenance. Paul seconded. Motion approved.
     – As far as weed control in the ponds and commons areas, Elmer would like to set a realistic budget for 2010 regarding this issue. It was discussed different ways to take care of this and decided that Elmer would contact Michael Scott for an estimate about weed control around the ponds. Kevin Franzen wanted to know if there is a plan for weed control and fertilizer in the commons areas. He is willing to get bids and quotes on taking care of it. We have previous quotes, but this is an issue that needs to be looked at for the 2010 budget.

Web and Communications Report
     – This was the busiest month for the website yet.
     – 158 people are now on the mailing list for the newsletter.

Babysitters Committee Report
     – 41 families now have the list. One sitter was added, bringing total number of sitters to 19.

Social Committee Report
     – Rick felt that the ladies that are handling the Halloween Parade have everything under control.
     – Looking for a volunteer to man the table at the parade that will consist of Sign up sheets for various things and Neighborhood Watch information. Michele said that she will do it if she can not find someone else to take care of it.

Neighborhood Watch Committee Report
     – Neighborhood Watch sent out a survey via block captains, website, and hand delivered to many areas. The survey has gotten very little response.
     – The Child Safety Event was a huge success.

Treasurer’s Report
     – Jaime is sending out the third notice on invoices. There are still about 40 that are not paid.
     – There have been a few closings. Jaime is also doing clearance letters at this time. She will turn over everything to new accountant once invoices are completed and done for 2009. This will enable him to have a fresh start with our business.

New Business
     – Still looking for a new board member. Cindy Ferry is no longer on the board after being contacted several times and never returning calls. Art Rapp has been recruited as a new board member. Paul motioned. Ginny seconded, motion approved. Art Rapp will fill the spot as a board member.

Next meeting is Nov. 12, 2009

Neighborhood Watch meeting is Oct. 15, 2009

Village Board Meetings
Oct. 27, 2009 – Michele Guido
Nov. 10, 2009 – Jaime Kofoot
Nov. 24, 2009 – Elmer Nicklas
Dec. 8, 2009 – Mike Anderson
Dec. 22, 2009 Ginny Bolan

Motion to adjourn by Mike
Seconded by Ginny
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.