Newsletter – April 2011

     Muskrats are again being seen in and around the ponds in Crestlake. Please remember that they can carry disease and should not be touched. They also dig dens and tunnels near the shoreline, so care should be taken when walking around the ponds.
     Baby geese have been reported in Grand Pond. Mother geese are very protective and become aggressive toward anyone who they consider to be a threat to their goslings.   This is another reason for caution when walking around the ponds. Remind children to avoid the area where there are baby geese. At particular risk are small children because they may not be fast enough to get away from an attacking goose.

     Ponds and Commons Committee: Elmer Nicklas, Ponds and Commons Chairman, believes he has found a person who will contract to manage the care of the ponds and common areas. He is working on completing the contractual negotiations.

     Web and Communications: This newsletter is the primary means of communication for members of the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association. 183 residents of the 343 families in Crestlake subscribe to the Crestlake newsletter.
     The Neighborhood Watch Committee’s group on Facebook now has 30 members. This group is another way for Crestlake residents to stay informed about community concerns and activities. We hope you aren’t missing out on Crestlake’s efforts in social networking.

     Babysitters Committee: The babysitter list is being updated by Michele Guido. Anyone with updated information for the Babysitter list should contact Michele.

     Social Committee: The Crestlake Easter Egg Hunt went very well. The weather favored the Crestlake Easter Bunny and the egg hunt. Most of the children were delighted.  Unfortunately some children arrived after all the eggs had been picked up and those children went away disappointed. Adana Adams, Stephanie Harpst and Ginny Bolan made every effort to try to prevent this from happening. Next year, those efforts will be increased and it is hoped that ALL the children and their parents will be happy when they leave the Easter Egg Hunt next year.

     A Bicycle Rodeo will be held at Crestwood Park on May 15 from 2-4 pm at Crestwood Park. We are hoping to have the street blocked off to provide roadway for the riding course. Children should remember to bring their bicycle helmets to the rodeo. Children with training wheels on their bicycles or who ride tricycles are welcome to participate. There will be three stations including a bike inspection and safety station, a station for practicing starts and stops and a riding course. Participants in the Bicycle Rodeo will receive certificates after completing the course. Riders who want identifying information engraved on their bicycles will be able to have this done after they have completed the course.
     Other information on child safety will also be available. Safe Kids of Champaign County will provide fliers on their next child safety seat check. The St. Joseph–Stanton Fire Department has been asked to put in an appearance.  There will also be games available for the children to play, with cookies for prizes. Free drinks are being provided by IGA.

     No crimes were reported to have been committed in Crestlake during April. On April 18, however, there was a report that two men in their late forties were driving a blue and white conversion van on Winston Ct. These men asked a resident if the houses in Crestlake were more likely to be hard wood or carpeted. They said they were carpet cleaners. It seemed strange to the resident that the men didn’t ask for the resident’s business. The van’s license plate number began with 51-581.
     Thanks to Tim Morris for this information. He suggests that Crestlake residents be careful and keep their garages closed He thinks that maybe these drivers were “scoping out” the neighborhood and were drawn to his cul-de-sac because his garage door was open.