Newsletter – December 2010

     The Annual Meeting for the membership of Crestlake Homeowners’ Association is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. This important meeting will be held at the St. Joseph Township Building, 400 W. Sherman St. This is about one block west of Kolb Park. A regular meeting of your Board of Directors will also be held immediately following the Annual Meeting. Agendas for both meetings will be posted at and signs will be placed throughout the subdivision prior to the meetings.

     Ponds Remediation Project #2 is complete – the work is finished and the invoices are paid. And we are happy to say that the project was completed under budget.
     This was the scope of project #2: install liner and riprap (rocks) on the eastern and southern shorelines of both Hawthorn Ponds, remove vegetation and install liner and riprap on Glover Pond, install an aerator in Magnolia Pond, and replace sections of damaged liner and missing riprap on Grand and Park Ponds. Our engineering firm – Berns, Clancy and Associates – estimated a cost of $136,000 (including a 10% contingency) for this project. Thanks to the efficient work performed by Daniel L. Ribbe Trucking and our judicious use of engineering services (time is money), the project was completed for a cost of $110,758.
     At the start of the project #2, your Board of Directors obtained a five-year fixed interest loan from Gifford State Bank in St. Joseph. This enables your Board to have affordable payments and a reasonable payoff period. Because the project came in under budget, the loan will be paid off in less than five years.
     It is important to note that one additional pond remediation project remains – install liner and riprap on Magnolia Pond. Because of budget constraints, your Board will not begin this project until the current loan is paid off.

     Another year is nearly gone. Neighborhood Watch is approaching its third year of activities in Crestlake. We have moved from a core group of three to having nine Block Captains and some volunteers that have provided their time and effort to help with the activities this year including the Second Annual Child Safety Event and the Fourth Annual Halloween Parade and Festivities.
     In addition to activities, the Neighborhood Watch Block Captains have provided Crestlake residents in their areas with notices via the Internet of suspicious activity and criminal behavior within the boundaries of Crestlake and St. Joseph. Two burglaries (one in Crestlake and one in Crestwood) were solved as a direct result of active Neighborhood Watch programs.
     Unfortunately, not all of the areas of Crestlake have the benefit of Block Captains. Chestnut Dr. north of Locust Dr. to Park Ave. (Area 1), Juniper Ct., Catalpa Ct. and 503 – 519 Winston Dr. (Area 8) and both North and South Glover Courts (Area 12) do not have Block Captains. As a result, residents who live in those areas don’t receive important information.
     Your Board of Directors wants to thank the Block Captains and volunteers for all their work this year.