Newsletter – June 2007


First of all, I want to thank everyone for coming to the meeting on the 31st at the Middle School and for those who could not make it, for responding to our survey. We had 62 folks sign into the meeting and 105 respond to the survey. Given that a few did both, we estimate that of the 340 properties in Crestlake, we had right around 160-170 participants in the Homeowners’ Association reorganization effort. They written and verbal feedback and votes for the reorganization were overwhelmingly supportive of the effort to reorganize the Association. There were only 15 affirmative NO votes on our efforts.

Here is what has happened:

At the meeting on the 31st:

  • Motion made and passed to elect an Interim Board of Directors to serve until the December Annual Meeting.
  • Motion made and passed to accept the nine volunteers as the Interim Board of Directors (see attached file for list)
  • Motion made and passed to increase the annual assessments to $150 from $120
  • Motion made and passed to allow the Interim Board of Directors to determine the policy of all matters relating to back assessments prior to 2007.

The Board of Directors selected at the meeting elected the following officers:

  • President – Jim Page
  • Vice-President – Angie Foster
  • Treasurer – Sandi Schopp
  • Secretary – Jaimie Kofoot
  • Sgt. At Arms – Jim Brock

The Officers have:

  • Filed and received not-for-profit corporation status
  • Re-established a checking account with current signatures
  • Obtained liability insurance based on the number of houses in the subdivision and the number of common areas
  • Obtained a website address and the process of building a web page for the Association is underway

Also please note that I intend to reach out to each person who submitted written questions, comments and suggestions and include them in the dialog. Please note that we are attempting to build a database of emails of members so that we can routinely reach out to as many folks as possible. For those who do not use email, we will be sending out written newsletters and notices as well. We will be encouraging everyone to use the web page as a method of distributing information.

The first Board of Director’s meeting is on June 13th at 7:00PM at the St. Joseph Municipal Building. As stated in the general meeting, you are welcome to attend. I have attached the roster of Directors and the agenda for the meeting Wednesday. Please contact me if you have any issues or questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jim Page