Newsletter – June 2010

     All Crestlake property owners are urged to use phosphate-free lawn fertilizers to reduce algae blooms in the ponds. Phosphate-free fertilizers have a "0" in the center number (31-0-6 for example). The local lawn treatment companies have reported to us that they use phosphate-free fertilizer and chemicals.
     Please avoid discharging grass clippings into the storm gutters. Also blow any fertilizer that lands in the gutters back onto your lawn. Both of these items are washed into the ponds and they promote the growth of algae.

     The project to eliminate muskrats from our ponds has had some success – several muskrats were trapped. The recent flooding put a stop to trapping. If you see any muskrats, please notify a board member with the location.
     Please remember that muskrats can carry various diseases and that no one should touch a dead muskrat if one is found.


     If you enjoy the fun of a backyard pool, please do so while being courteous to your neighbors. Blaring music, loud cursing and non-stop screaming can be a nuisance.

     As Independence Day approaches, please be aware that launching fireworks from the common areas of Crestlake is illegal. Your Board expects all Crestlake residents and their guests to comply with the laws governing the use of fireworks. The liability that might result from use of fireworks in the common areas is something that your Board strives to protect our property owners from.

     Please follow traffic laws and require new and young drivers to do the same. Parents of children, please make sure your children are equally careful when crossing streets and playing near the street. Thank you for your assistance in keeping Crestlake safe for all of our children both young and older.

     The Neighborhood Watch Committee planned a variety of activities for Crestlake families to be held in 2010. The first two of those activities, a gardening contest and a fishing derby did not generate any participants. As a result, the Neighborhood Watch Committee is considering reducing the schedule to activities that were successful last year. This would mean that the Child Safety Program in September would be held. In addition, information on the Neighborhood Watch Program would be made available at the Crestlake Halloween Parade and Activities, but the Christmas Decoration Contest and Christmas Party would be eliminated from the schedule. However, we would like to have community input on this.
     If anyone is interested in participating in a Christmas Decorating Contest for Crestlake residents and a Christmas Party at which time prizes for the Christmas Decoration Contest winners would be awarded, please contact Ginny Bolan at 469-5454 before August 1, 2010. If no one expresses interest in this activity by August 1, the Christmas Decoration Contest will be cancelled.

     The St. Joseph Board of Trustees has instructed the St. Joseph Planning Commission to look into rezoning some properties on Main St., Warren St., Munroe St. and/or Third St. This rezoning would allow for increased commercial development in St. Joseph and an increase in the St. Joseph tax base. Some residents have expressed concern that increased commercial development could negatively impact the small town atmosphere in our community and the values of the properties that are rezoned.
     The Planning Commission will report to the Board of Trustees in approximately three months after consulting with the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission. If you would like additional information or have an opinion about rezoning in St. Joseph, you can contact a member of the Village government, members of the Planning Commission (listed on the Village website) or Ginny Bolan at 469-5454.

     Newsletters sent via email are the primary method of communicating with Crestlake property owners. However, only about half of Crestlake families have signed up to receive these newsletters. Please remind your neighbors to visit and sign up to receive additional announcements like this via email. Newsletters and meeting reminders will be emailed regularly.