Newsletter – June 2012

     The Homeowners’ Association has received a report that a Crestlake resident living on Sycamore St. owns several dogs, at least one of which, has demonstrated aggression toward a neighborhood child. Please be sure that your children are properly informed about this and are aware of what they should do if they encounter a dog with which they are not familiar.
     Muskrats are again being seen in the Crestlake Ponds. These animals damage the area around the ponds because they tunnel and have underground dens. People can be injured if they step in one of these holes or depressions. Muskrats also undermine the newly repaired banks of the ponds. Muskrats are also known disease carriers and no one should touch a muskrat even if it is dead. Please tell all family members to avoid these animals and if a dead animal is seen, call the authorities to have it removed.
     Please remind your children that they should not throw the rocks around the pond into the pond. It will cost the Homeowners Association an estimated minimum of $1500 each time a minor repair must be done on one of the ponds.

     Jim Brock, past CHOA Board President, Rick Edwards, past Architectural Committee Chairman and Michele Guido, past Board Secretary have resigned from the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors. The Board would like to thank Jim, Rick and Michele for their many years of service.

     The CHOA Board meetings have been scheduled on a quarterly basis in 2012. The Board will meet on April 19, July 19 and October 18. The Board meets at the Saint Joseph Township Building (400 W. Sherman – just west of Kolb Park). Board meetings begin at 7 PM and generally last an hour or less.

     Find out what is going on in your community. Join the Facebook group, Crestlake Neighborhood Watch.