Newsletter – March 2011

     Last year was a very busy year for the CHOA Board. A great deal of time and effort went into financing and making repairs to the retention ponds that are enjoyed by all of the Crestlake residents. Mike Anderson, past President of the CHOA Board, and several other Board members worked hard to identify the best possible loan that could be obtained to finance the repairs and find contractors to do the needed repairs in the most effective and economical manner.
     The Board of Directors will have fewer demands in 2011. Unfortunately, there are currently two positions on the Board currently open and one of those positions has been open for over a year. In addition, another member of the Board is looking forward to his retirement and to moving in the near future. A fourth Board member planned to retire from the Board this year but could not because there was no one to replace him.
     As a result of these significant losses to the Board and the inability to locate residents to sit on the Board, Paul Duitsman, Board Treasurer, is investigating whether it is feasible to hire an accountant to manage the financial aspects of the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association and other Board members are looking at ways to significantly reduce the time that their positions require.
     In addition to looking at reducing time commitments as Board members, several members of the Board approached St. Joseph Village officials to investigate if the Village would be interested in having ownership of the ponds and common areas of Crestlake transferred to the Village. At their March 22 meeting, the St. Joseph Village Board of Trustees voted not to take control of the common areas of Crestlake if the Crestlake Board and residents had decided to pursue that option.

     Ponds and Commons Committee: Elmer Nicklas, Ponds and Commons Chairman, is investigating what it would cost to contract for the management and care of the ponds and commons. A report on his progress in this research will be presented at the next meeting on April 13.

     Web and Communications: This newsletter is the primary means of communication for members of the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association. 182 residents of the 343 families in Crestlake will receive their newsletter via email. If you know of a resident of Crestlake who has not registered at to receive newsletters and notices electronically, please encourage them to register or forward your newsletter to them.
     The Neighborhood Watch Committee’s group on Facebook now has 28 members. This group is another way for Crestlake residents to stay informed about community concerns and activities.

     Babysitters Committee: The babysitter list is being updated by Michele Guido. Anyone with updated information for the Babysitters list should contact Michele at 469-2679.

     Social Committee: The Crestlake Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for April 17 from 1-2 p.m. at Crestwood Park. The Easter Bunny has told us that he will be at our Easter Egg Hunt and will be available for children to have their pictures taken with him immediately after the Easter egg hunt.
     Adana Adams, who is helping plan the Easter Egg Hunt, has agreed to become a member of the Social Committee during 2011. We are still looking for at least one more person to serve on the Social Committee. After the Easter Egg Hunt, the next planned activity is the Halloween parade. Anyone who is interested in helping with the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Parade or joining this committee, please contact Ginny Bolan at 766-4443.

     A Bicycle Rodeo will be held at Crestwood Park on May 15 from 2-4 p.m.
     No crimes were reported to have been committed in Crestlake in March.
     We still need people to work on the Neighborhood Watch Committee.