Newsletter – May 2009

     Efforts to organize a Neighborhood Watch program in Crestlake are well underway.  Crestlake has been divided into 21 areas consisting of approximately 18 homes each.
     So far Block Captains have volunteered for 8 of the 21 areas.  That leaves 13 areas that still need Block Captains. The outlined areas in the map below still need a Block Captain. In the other areas of the map (not outlined), an asterisk indicates where the Block Captain lives and a systematic plan of response is in process of being developed.

     Block Captains are needed for the numbered areas outlined in the map above. If you live in one of these areas, please consider becoming a Block Captain. If you know someone in one of the areas that might be a good Block Captain, please either talk to that person or contact one of the Neighborhood Watch Committee so that they can contact the person.
     The next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held on Thursday, May 21 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be in the St. Joseph Township Building at 400 W. Sherman St. and is open to all residents of Crestlake.
     The committee has decided to provide refreshments at the May meeting. You are welcome to bring your children to this meeting, and if it works out, allowing children to come to future meetings will be discussed. Another topic to be discussed is whether residents would like the Neighborhood Watch committee to sponsor presentations on safety issues as part of meetings in the future. Other topics of discussion for this meeting will include identifying additional Block Captains and the purchase and placement of Neighborhood Watch signs.
     Please remember that Block Captains are resources for your area, not enforcers of the laws, ordinances or covenants. They can discuss your options with you, but they are not able to enforce compliance.
     If you have any questions about the Neighborhood Watch program, please contact one of the committee members: Jim Brock, Michele Guido or Ginny Bolan.

     The Ponds Remediation project is underway. The Engineering Plans have been approved by the Ponds and Commons Committee and bids were let. All bids are due to be submitted by May 19. At this point your Board will seek funding from a lender to do the following work:
          Finish Rip Rap on both Hawthorn Ponds
          Remove vegetation and install Rip Rap on Glover Pond
          Install Rip Rap on Magnolia Pond
          Install an aerator on Magnolia Pond
          Repair Rip Rap on Grand and Park Ponds

     Catalpa Commons was treated with Weed & Feed to control the dandelions and thicken the grass. It took 2.5 hours with two tractors and two spreaders to do 62,500 sq. ft. The Board purchased the Weed & Feed. This labor intensive job was done by Crestlake volunteers with their own equipment and the Board wants to thank the volunteers for their effort.

     All Crestlake property owners are urged to use phosphate-free lawn fertilizers to reduce algae blooms in the ponds. Phosphate-free fertilizers have a "0" in the center number (31-0-6 for example). The local lawn treatment companies have reported to us that they use phosphate-free fertilizer and chemicals.
     Please avoid discharging grass clippings into the storm gutters. Also blow any fertilizer that lands in the gutters back onto your lawn. Both of these items are washed into the ponds and they promote algae blooms.
     Your Homeowners’ Association budgets $5,000 yearly for pond management to control algae. Please do your part to help with this.

      If you have information or articles that you would like included in the Crestlake Newsletter, please send the information to Mike Anderson or Ginny Bolan. If it is appropriate for the newsletter and space permits, we will add it in the next newsletter. Please be sure that the information is received before the first Thursday of the month so that there is time to evaluate suitability for the newsletter and to incorporate it into the newsletter.


     Carle Hospital is offering the Safe Sitter® class on May 30, 2009. This is a great time to get the older kids ready for watching smaller children during summer vacation. Whether to help out at home or earn some extra money, the skills learned in the Safe Sitter® class are invaluable.
     This class is for babysitters, ages 11-14 years. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. Each student receives a Safe Sitter® handbook and, upon completion of the course, will be awarded a completion card and t-shirt.
     Class runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Reservations are necessary to attend. There is no cost for the class thanks to all the wonderful donations made by Carle employees. To register or to ask questions, contact Carle’s All About Baby Program at 383-6962 or 383-3314.

      Stop by the Village office to sign up. The Champaign County Sheriff’s Deputy on duty will check your house (lock, windows, etc.) on a daily basis.