Newsletter – May 2010

     In the April newsletter, it was announced that muskrats were living in the ponds of Crestlake and that the Board was working with a licensed animal control specialist to rid Crestlake of these animals. Muskrat traps have now been placed in our ponds. The traps are located below the surface of the water and are not a danger to humans or pets unless they walk in the water. The traps are being checked daily and trapped muskrats are removed daily. The traps will remain in our ponds until muskrats are no longer being captured.
     Please remember that muskrats can carry various diseases and that no one should touch a dead muskrat if one is found.

     No illegal activities are permitted to take place on Crestlake common areas. As Independence Day approaches, please be aware that launching fireworks from the common areas of Crestlake is forbidden. Your Board expects all Crestlake residents and their guests to comply with this. The liability that might result from such activities is something that your Board strives to protect our property owners from.
     It must be noted that the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office will not write an official report without the name of the complaining party. If displeased residents want the Sheriff to act on complaints, they must contact the Sheriff’s Office directly and identify themselves. If a Crestlake resident were violating the law in any other way, the victims would not place anonymous complaints with the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association. Since launching fireworks is a violation of an ordinance/law, the reporting process is to contact the Champaign County Sherriff’s Office in the same manner as any other type of criminal violation.

Fishing Derby – Date Change
    The Cub Scouts have graciously offered to host the Neighborhood Watch Fishing Derby. In order to facilitate this, the date of the Fishing Derby has been moved to Sunday, June 13. The Fishing Derby will be held from 2-4 pm on Grand Pond. The weekend of June 13 is the Free Fishing Weekend in Illinois so fishing licenses are not required to participate in the Fishing Derby. Prizes will be awarded for children who are 12 years old and under. Children who wish to participate in the Fishing Derby must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-registration is required to insure that sufficient bait is available for all the participants. Upon arrival at the Fishing Derby, participants must check in with the Scout Leader so that they can get bait and to be eligible for prizes and a hot dog after the Derby . At 4 pm, participants are welcome to join the Cub Scouts for hot dogs.
     To register for the Fishing Derby, please call Ginny Bolan at 469-5454 or call the Crestlake Hotline at 353-5253. June 9 is the last day for preregistration for this activity.

Planned Events for 2010
     The Crestlake Garden Contest was cancelled due a lack of interest. The Bicycle Rodeo has been moved to September 12 and will be part of the Child Safety Event. The Crestlake Get-Together scheduled for June 12 has been cancelled due to a lack of volunteers to help facilitate this activity and an apparent lack of interest.

Traffic Cautions
     Spring is here and summer vacation will be here soon. The children are playing outside again. Please be careful to drive slowly (within legal speed limits) and stop at posted stop signs. The damage to a car from an accident may be expensive to repair. If a child is involved in a vehicular accident, the damage to that child may be permanent. Please follow traffic laws and require new and young drivers to do the same. Parents of children, please make sure your children are equally careful when crossing streets and playing near the street. Thank you for your assistance in keeping Crestlake safe for all of our children, both younger and older.

Crestlake Crime Reports
     Several juveniles were recently seen lighting firecrackers on Magnolia Drive. These youth were near a car and it was unclear if they were vandalizing the car or hiding behind it. Please keep this in mind when leaving cars outside over night.

     The Crestlake Homeowners’ Association needs your help! One member-at-large position on the Board of Directors has been unfilled since January. The Board meets at 7 pm on the second Wednesday of the month for about an hour. When shared with a full board, the commitment is not very demanding. Will you help?