Newsletter – May 2011

     On Tuesday, May 24th, many dead fish were discovered on the large Hawthorne Pond. The dead fish appear to be the result of oil that was also found on the pond. The Crestlake ponds are part of the St. Joseph storm sewer system and anything dumped into the sewers ends up in the Crestlake ponds. It is important that oil be disposed of properly so that it can not pollute our environment.
     You may also be noticing that there is a great deal of algae on some of the ponds. This algae is a result of the very warm weather that we have experienced this spring. Michael Scott, the contractor who treats Magnolia Pond for algae and the weeds that grow in the pond, will be treating the Magnolia Pond after the rains stop if needed. You can help keep the algae on the ponds under control by limiting use of fertilizers that contain phosphorus. Established lawns will benefit from fertilizers that contain higher percentages of nitrogen but established lawns do not need phosphorus since a root system has already been established. When phosphorus is washed into the ponds, it promotes the growth of the algae that the Homeowners Association then has to pay to have killed. Grass cuttings that are blown into the street and wash into the sewers also  encourage the growth of algae on the ponds and again increase the cost of pond maintenance. Please refrain from blowing cut grass into the streets and avoid using fertilizers that contain phosphorus.

Ponds and Commons Committee: Michael Scott, who has been treating the Magnolia Pond for algae and weeds, has contracted to manage the ponds and commons of Crestlake.

Web and Communications: The publication of the Crestlake Newsletter will be decreased in frequency. Since the Board of CHOA has gone to a quarterly meeting schedule, the newsletter distribution will also follow that schedule. Please join the Neighborhood Watch Facebook group to keep up to date on neighborhood activities and community concerns and activities.

Social Committee: The next Social Committee activity will be the Halloween Parade and activities. Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the Halloween activities, please contact Ginny Bolan at or 469-5454.

     As Crestlake residents, you may know that the Bicycle Rodeo was cancelled due to cold and rainy weather. We are happy to report that we have been able to reschedule the Bicycle Rodeo. It will now be held at the St. Joseph Community Park on E. Grand Ave. The new date is Sunday, June 26th from 12:30 – 2:30. Children should remember to bring their bicycle helmets to the rodeo. Children with training wheels on their bicycles or who ride tricycles are welcome to participate. There will be 3 stations including a bike inspection and safety station, a station for practicing starts and stops and a riding course. Participants in the Bicycle Rodeo will receive certificates after completing the course. Riders who want identifying information engraved on their bicycles will be able to do so after they have completed the course.
     Crestlake Neighborhood Watch will also make other information on child safety available. There will also be games available for the children to play, with cookies for prizes. Free drinks will be provided by IGA.