Newsletter – October 2009

     The Third Annual Crestlake Halloween Parade and Festivities is scheduled for Sunday, October 25, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. This fun-filled event will take place at the Crestwood Park pavilion on Park Avenue. It is open to all Crestlake residents and extended families. So grandma and grandpa, come join the fun.
     We will meet at the Crestwood Park pavilion and follow a short parade route around the block. Then everyone will return to the pavilion for fun activities. There will be a pumpkin walk, fishing pond, bobbing for apples and witch’s hat toss. Everyone will enjoy free refreshments, photo opportunities on a Halloween/Fall backdrop and a DJ will provide music.
     Of course the event wouldn’t be complete with a costume contest. Prizes will be awarded for Funniest, Most Original and Scariest costumes in the following age categories: 0-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-13 and 14-99.
     Give the kids a second opportunity to wear their costumes! Don’t forget to bring your cameras. Adults are encouraged to share their Halloween spirit by dressing up as well.
     Please volunteer! Contact a member of the Social Committee if you can help in the following areas: assist with decorations, costume contest judges or assist with fun activities. Just go to and click on Contact Us.

     Excellent progress has been made on the ponds remediation project. All the work on Hawthorn Pond North and Hawthorn Pond South is complete including reseeding. The willows and weeds have been removed from Glover Pond. After a delay caused by rain, the placement of riprap on Glover Pond has begun and will continue as weather permits.
     An electric meter and service has been installed on the northeast corner of Magnolia Pond. This will supply power to an aerator that has been ordered. The aerator should reduce the algae blooms and the need for chemical treatment.
     The mowing contract for the commons areas was let for bid, with three contractors returning bids for a three-year contract. The current contractor, K. Franzen, was the lowest bidder and won the contract for the next three years.
     The chemical treatment of Magnolia Pond was let for bid to the current contractor and to Michael Scott and Associates, a local contractor. Michael Scott and Associates was the lowest bidder and won the contract for treatment of Magnolia Pond for the 2010 season. It is believed that a local contractor will be able to supply faster service when needs arise.

     The Crestlake Neighborhood Watch Working Group addressed some important issues during the October meeting.
     Block Captains and division of Crestlake into areas: Despite nearly a year of recruitment, Neighborhood Watch was able to recruit only 12 Block Captains for 11 of the 21 defined areas in Crestlake. One area has co-captains. Unfortunately, one Block Captain had to resign due to family and work responsibilities.
     Due to concerns that the goal of finding Block Captains for 21 areas may be unrealistic, it was decided to enlarge the areas covered by each Block Captain. This will reduce the number of areas in Crestlake and also reduce the number of Block Captains needed to cover all of Crestlake. The map of Crestlake is currently being revised to reduce the number of areas. This plan was suggested and supported by the all of the Block Captains present at the October meeting.
     Every effort is being made to have the revised map available at the November meeting. If this work is completed quickly, it may be available on Oct. 25 at Crestwood Park during the Halloween Parade and Festivities.
     Increased distribution of information about Neighborhood Watch: The Child Safety Event was so well received and the information so welcomed by the community that the Working Group has decided to increase the availability of information about the Crestlake Neighborhood Watch program and related activities.
     To achieve this goal, information about Crestlake Neighborhood Watch will be available at the Crestlake Halloween Parade and Festivities on Oct. 25 from 2:00 – 3:30. Information will also be available at the November Neighborhood Watch meeting/holiday party. Of course, information can always be found at
     Resident participation in Neighborhood Watch meetings: Despite regularly scheduled meetings and monthly announcements of these meetings, very few residents, other than Block Captains, have attended the Neighborhood Watch meetings. Some residents have suggested that the meeting time is inconvenient. Another issue that might possibly interfere with resident attendance is that the meetings have become too focused on business.
     It was suggested that attendance might increase if each meeting included time for both business and socialization. Therefore the November Neighborhood Watch meeting will have a holiday theme and will be focused on providing an opportunity for Crestlake residents to meet and greet their neighbors, to get to know each other better or just to celebrate the coming holiday season.
     Tentative plans are being made to hold the November Neighborhood Watch meeting on Thursday, November 19, at a restaurant in St Joseph. The meeting/holiday social will begin at 7 p.m. and will end at about 8:30 p.m. Feel free to join us at any time that is convenient for you. Any refreshments purchased are at your own expense. Please note that that the location of this meeting is not yet finalized, so please check for updates on the location. Also, an announcement with all the details will be emailed closer to the meeting date.
     Child care at Neighborhood Watch meetings: There has not been an ongoing need for child care at the Neighborhood Watch meetings. As a result, this service will only be available upon request. Please be sure that you contact Michele Guido if you plan to attend a Neighborhood Watch meeting with your child(ren). Also please give Michele sufficient time to arrange for the care of your child(ren). At least 24 hours notice is requested so Michele has ample time to find a child care provider who is available at the time of the meeting. Child care is provided at the St. Joseph Township Building where the Neighborhood Watch meetings are held.

     Spread the word and remind your neighbors to visit and sign up to receive additional announcements like this via email. Newsletters and meeting reminders will be emailed regularly. Newsletters sent via email are the primary method of communicating with Crestlake property owners. Currently, only about half of Crestlake families have signed up to receive these newsletters.

     Oct. 19 – Dec. 4   Village leaf pick-up
     Sunday, Oct. 25   2:00 p.m.   Crestlake Halloween Parade and Festivities
     Monday, Oct. 26   7:00 p.m.   High School Board of Education meeting
     Tuesday, Oct. 27   7:00 p.m.   Village Board meeting
     Saturday, Oct. 31   5:30-8:00 p.m.   St. Joseph Trick or Treat
     Monday-Friday, Nov. 2-6   Village brush pickup
     Tuesday, Nov. 3   7:00 p.m.   Village Planning Commission meeting
     Monday, Nov. 9   7:00 p.m.   St. Joseph Women’s Community Club meeting
     Monday, Nov. 9   7:30 p.m.   Grade School Board Of Education Meeting
     Tuesday, Nov. 10   7:00 p.m.   Village Board meeting
     Tuesday, Nov. 10   7:30 p.m.   Township Board meeting
     Thursday, Nov. 12   7:00 p.m.   Crestlake Board of Directors meeting
     Tuesday, Nov. 17   9:00-11:30 a.m.   Electronics recycling
     Thursday, Nov. 19   7:00 p.m.   Crestlake Neighborhood Watch meeting / Holiday social

     See the Calendar of Events at for more details on many of these events.