November 2017 HOA Board Meeting

Crestlake Homeowners’ Association

St. Joseph Township Building

November 16, 2017 –  7:00pm

Meeting Agenda

Call to order by Daniel Wilson, Association President.


Roll call:

Daniel Wilson/President​

Jim Page/Vice President

Adāna Adams/Secretary​​​

Dennis Hueber/Treasurer

Mike Birt/Sergeant at Arms

Michele Guido/Member at Large​​

Bethni Gill/Member at Large

Tyson Royer/Member at Large​​​

Jaime Kofoot/Member at Large

Approval of minutes from September 21, 2017 Board Meeting.


Treasurer’s report – Dennis Hueber

Review and approve the September and October Financial report. Submitted by Judie Puzey via email 10/16/2017  and 11/07/2017 to board members.

We have four homeowners who have not paid their HOA dues in the last billing cycle and those have now been sent to collections.

Secretary’s report – Adāna Adams

New home owner report

514 Chestnut- Richard Davis

1702 Magnolia- Alan & Eden Miller

614 Sycamore- Brenda & Donald Alsip

1401 Grand- Jason Thompson (Erin Johnson)

1505 Grand- Dawn & James Bane

402 Cypress- Travis & Sarah Selby

1714 Magnolia- Timothy Palmer (Tawn Espinoza)

1716 Magnolia- Billie Gene St Clair (Peggy Diane St Clair)

406 Winston- Jacob & Jennifer Staggs


Committee reports:



PONDS & COMMONS – Tyson Royer


HOTLINE REPORT – Daniel Wilson/Adāna Adams


Open issues:

A letter was received by the HOA about vehicles parked on the street and asking that

the parking covenant be enforced.

The letter stated:

According to Woodard’s Crestlake Subdivision Owner’s Certificate & Restrictive Covenants, I would note the following:

“17. Off Street Parking: All property owners shall provide and use at all times off-street parking for the number of automobiles in use by the owner or resident on the property. All property owners or residents in Woodard’s Crestlake Subdivision No. 1 (See footnote on Page 1) owning or possessing trucks, boats or recreational vehicles which they desire to park in the subdivision shall provide and use an enclosed garage for the storage of such trucks, boats or vehicles when not in use.”


New business:

Advertising the Annual Meeting to homeowners before the January 2018 meeting.

  • Newspaper?
  • Signs with date?
  • Website?

Next meeting:

January 18, 2018/Annual Meeting