Newsletter – October 2010

     The Fourth Annual Crestlake Halloween Parade and Festivities is scheduled for Sunday, October 24, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. This fun-filled event will take place at the Crestwood Park pavilion on Park Avenue. It is open to all Crestlake residents and extended families. So Grandma and Grandpa, come join the fun.
     We will meet at the Crestwood Park pavilion and follow a short parade route around the block. Then everyone will return to the pavilion for fun activities. There will be plenty of games, candy and prizes.
     Of course the event wouldn’t be complete without a costume contest. Prizes will be awarded for "Cutie Pie," "Most Scary" and "Most Original" costumes in the following age categories: Birth-4, 5-7, 8-10 and 11-99.
     Give the kids a second opportunity to wear their costumes! Don’t forget to bring your cameras. Adults are encouraged to share their Halloween spirit by dressing up as well.

     The Neighborhood Watch activities for 2010 are now completed with the sole exception of an informational table at the Halloween festivities on Sunday, October 24. The Neighborhood Watch committee wants to thank the Block Captains and volunteers for all of their work this year. Plans for 2011 have already begun.
     Block Captains are needed for Area 1 (501-613 Chestnut), Area 8 (Juniper Ct., Catalpa Ct. and 503-518 Winston) and Area 12 (N. Glover Ct. and S. Glover Ct.). If you live in one of these areas and are willing to volunteer to help make Crestlake a safer place to live or you know someone who might be willing to volunteer, please contact Ginny Bolan at 469-5454.

     The ponds remediation project #2 is complete. The areas around Park Pond and Grand Pond that needed reseeding as a result of the project have been reseeded.

     Magnolia Pond has reportedly developed a "super strain" of algae which has been resistant to chemical treatments to kill it. Michael Scott, who was contracted by the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association to provide chemical treatments for our ponds, is trying to find the correct chemical treatment to rid Magnolia Pond of the algae.

     On Tuesday, November 9, the St. Joseph Village Board will receive and consider a report from the Village Planning Commission on rezoning areas near downtown St. Joseph from residential to commercial use. If you have an opinion or want more information on this issue, the Village Board meets at the Village Municipal Building beginning at 7 p.m.  Village residents are welcome to attend the meeting and express their opinion about this issue.

     The Village of St. Joseph will have leaf pick-up October 18 – December 3, 2010. On a weekly basis, rake your leaves to the curb and the Village Public Works Department will come by and use the vacuum on them. DO NOT BAG your leaves or they will not be vacuumed. If you do bag them, along with other brush, the last pickup will be November 1-5.

     At the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association Board meeting in October, the possibility of reducing the size of the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association Board from nine to seven directors was discussed. It was decided that the size of the Board of Directors should not be reduced because it would result in excessive work for the Board members.

     Newsletters sent via email are the primary method of communicating with Crestlake property owners. However, only about half of Crestlake families have signed up to receive these newsletters. Please remind your neighbors to visit and sign up to receive additional announcements like this via email. Newsletters and meeting reminders will be emailed regularly.