Special Meeting – May 31, 2007

Woodard’s Crestlake Homeowners’ Association
Special Meeting
May 31, 2007 – 7:00 PM
St. Joseph Middle School


  • Spokesperson – Jim Page
  • Reorganization Committee:

Ernest Monk Sandi Schoop Rick Edwards
Angela Page Tom Boaz Jamie Kofoot
Rhonda Littlefield Phyllis Williams David Fritz

In the last few years, the Homeowners’ Association has basically fallen apart. Only two guys were soldering on – Dave Fritz and Cody Evans. Our thanks go to them for keeping the torch lit – but a lot needs to be done to bring the Association back up to where it needs to be to protect and benefit the neighborhood.


  • How did we get here?
    • The Homeowners’ Association was started in the late 90’s when the subdivision was first created.
    • When each of you closed on your house, the dded work has Restrictions and Covenants attached to them which legally created the Woodard’s Crestlake Homeowners’ Association.
    • The Association owns 6 common areas, retention ponds and easements.
      • The Association does NOT plow snow – that is the responsibility of the Village.
      • The Association DOES maintain and insure the common areas and enforce the rules.
    • The Association was incorporated as a non-profit corporation until 2000 when it was dissolved by the State for failure to file annual reports.
    • Cody Evans and Dave Fritz were the last Board members and officers to exist form the most recent version of the Association – they paid bills and kept it alive.
    • A meeting was held on April 19th and about 50 residents of Crestlake attended.
    • At that meeting, the 9 people listed above volunteered to try to reorganize the Association.
    • This group has met four times since, spent hundreds of dollars of their own money and quite a bit of their time, trying to assess what needs to be done to get the organization up and running. They have:
      • met with an attorney & obtained bids from accountants
      • re-established a mailing address & sent out mailings
      • collected all the old documents and gathered existing financial reports
      • obtained copies of deeds – tax records, and property assessments
      • worked to get a more accurate insurance policy
  • We met with an attorney to get advice on how to reorganize the Association, The mailings and this meeting are the result of his suggestions.

Legal Issues

  • There are 360 lots in 8 phases of the subdivision. The Association exists – whether we want it to or not.
  • We have no protection for lawsuits – we are woefully underinsured and the corporation no longer exists. If a lawsuit occurs – for example a drowning in a pond – we would all be liable for the judgement.
  • This group of volunteers has no legal authority to execute anything. At this point, we are just trying to get our arms around what needs to be done.
  • We need your help to lawfully reorganize the Association
  • What We Need You To Do – A Board of Directors needs to be selected at this meeting. Once elected the Board will:
    • adopt by-laws – select Officers
    • adopts any rules and policies that are necessary to operate
    • file Articles of Incorporation with the State and obtain insurance


  • The maintenance of the retention ponds are our first and largest priority as an Association
  • So that we know which ponds we are talking about, we named them – see the map.
  • The retention ponds are for storm runoff and drainage.
  • They need to be maintained so they do not become swamps and attractive nuisances.
  • They are available to any Association member for recreation, fishing, picnicking, walking, jogging, etc.
  • Residents who border the lakes get a nice view but it comes with an increased flooding potential as well
  • They need constant care due to erosion and runoff.
  • The first two ponds – Park and Grand – were built with sidewalks, benches, nice rip rap, etc.
  • The last 4 – Magnolia, Hawthorne (2) and Glover – were not.


  • The Association has the authority to collect Association assessments. The assessment is presently $120 and has been for several years.
  • Given that there are 360 properties in Crestlake and IF everyone paid, the Association would collect $43,200 annually.
  • The costs that the Association has in the first year are estimated at $66,500. There are leftover funds from previous years that will get us by… however, there will not be enough at $120 to cover all the expected costs.
  • We want to hear your input on raising the rate to $150 per year – an additional $2.50 per month. That will raise $54,000 – much closer to what we need each year.
  • As a comparison – Wiltshire Homeowners’ Association residents pay $250 and they have only one pond to maintain.

Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors consists of 7 members.
  • Are there volunteers? Nominations?


  • We want to get volunteers to sit on committees:
    • Membership
    • Web & Communications
    • Social
    • Pond and Common Areas

Woodard’s Crestlake Homeowners’ Association Expenditures
Legal  $2,000
Insurance  $2,500
Mowing  $5,000
Accounting  $5,000
Pond treatments  $7,000
Erosion control/capital improvements  $45,000