Muskrat Trapping Project

At its May 12 meeting, the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors voted to accept the bid of $1,850.00 from Animal Damage Control to trap and remove the muskrats that have built dens in the shorelines of our ponds.


Muskrat traps will soon be placed in all Crestlake ponds. Warning signs will be displayed on the shorelines near locations where traps have been placed.

The traps will be located below the surface of the water and will not be a danger to humans or pets unless they walk in the water. The traps will be checked daily and trapped muskrats will be removed daily.

The traps will remain in our ponds until muskrats are no longer being captured. It is not known how long the traps will be in place, but is estimated to be until approximately mid-June. When the traps are removed, you will receive an email notification.

Should you have any problems or concerns during this project, please contact a Crestlake board member directly at or call the Crestlake Hotline at 353-LAKE.