Board Meeting – May 12, 2010

St. Joseph Township Building
May 12, 2010

Call to order at 7:01 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Mike Anderson – Present
Art Rapp – Present
Paul Duitsman – Present
Michele Guido – Present
Ginny Bolan – Present
Jim Brock – Absent
Rick Edwards – Present
Elmer Nicklas – Present

     Matt Cooper attended the meeting to talk to the board regarding the muskrat problem. Traps will be set under water near the dens. It is a quick death and as humane as possible considering the job at hand. It would be hard for a child to get in the trap but would not be impossible. It should take about one week to trap them all. By law the traps have to be checked every 24 hours.
     The cost to complete the job is $1850.00. The Board feels this needs to be done so that additional expenses are not incurred in the future because of damage to the shorelines. An announcement will go out via email to let people know what is going on.

      – Motion by Elmer Nicklas that CHOA hire Matt Cooper to do the job at the cost of $1850.00
     – Ginny Bolan seconded
     – Motion passed

Approval of Minutes
      – Motion to approve April minutes
      – Motion made and seconded
      – Motion approved

Treasurer’s Report
     – There will be a refund on the liability insurance premium. State Farm will refund $97.00 due to a recalculation of the number of homes in the subdivision.
     – There are still seven 7 unpaid 2009 dues. The attorney’s office said we should be down to three very soon.
     – There is a CD with Busey that CHOA has had since May 2009 that will be cashed in and board will decide what to do next. Will look into money market.
     – Mike also did some checking around to get a few quotes in order to lower association costs for the Hotline voice mail. So far the quotes he has received would not be worth the time and effort to change. He is still waiting on one more quote.

Secretary’s Report
     – There were four sales in the past month. Michele gave the list to Mark Stites.

Committee Reports
Architectural Committee
     – There were two requests last month – one for a fence and one for a pool. Plans have been submitted.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – Elmer spoke with Michael Scott and he has treated three of the ponds for weeds in the riprap. He is now working on horse hair algae on Magnolia Pond.
     – The areas that need riprap repair on Grand and Park Ponds have been marked by Elmer and Dan Ribbe. The work will start the week of May 17. Ribbe will be lowering the Gabion Mattress in the east outlet of Glover Pond and will do some reseeding before he receives final payment.
     – Mowing has been going well this year with several compliments to the job that is being done and how much better the commons areas look. A letter is being sent to Kevin Franzen to let him know that we no longer need him to roll the commons areas. It will be sent via registered mail.

Web and Communications Committee
     – A newsletter went out for April. The next newsletter will go out in May. Please have all information to Ginny Bolan by Wednesday May 19th.
     – The June newsletter that will go out will be a hard copy that will go with the dues letter. It will include several important things for residents to know.
     – There were two more added to the newsletter emailing list for a total of 170 homes.

Babysitter’s Committee
     – There was one family that requested the list for a total of 51 families.

Hotline Report
     – There was one phone call that did not pertain to Association business.

Neighborhood Watch/Social Committee
     – The garden contest was cancelled due to no participation.
     – Still working on the June Fishing Derby but it will be cancelled if there is not enough participation. The Boy Scout leader has said he is willing to help out and conduct our event with theirs. It was suggested for him to be invited to the Neighborhood Watch meeting next week to discuss further.
     – Mike is afraid that the committee is going to get burned out. Paul suggested maybe meeting once every three months.

Open Issues
     – There is still a board member position open at this time.

New Business
     – There was a complaint regarding a semi tractor parked in a driveway on Park Avenue. Two letters have been sent – one to the renter (truck operator) and one to the homeowner. The owner’s letter came back as undeliverable. Mike will send a new letter to another address. If nothing is done a decision will be made at next month’s meeting.

     – Motion to adjourn by Paul Duitsman
     – Seconded by Art Rapp
     – Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.