Board Meeting – October 13, 2010

Crestlake Homeowners’ association
Board Meeting Minutes
St. Joseph Township Building
October 13, 2010

Call to Order at 7:04 p.m.

Roll Call
Board Members

Mike Anderson – Present
Art Rapp – Present
Paul Duitsman – Present
Michele Guido – Present
Rick Edwards – Present
Ginny Bolan – Present
Jim Brock – Present
Elmer Nicklas – Present

None present

Treasurer’s Report
     – There is still about $3,000 in unpaid dues.
     – About 11 letters to be sent out from attorney. A few hardship cases.
     – It looks like we are going to come in under budget for the 2010 year according to records to date.

Secretary’s Report
     – There were two home sales in the month of September.

Committee Reports
Architectural Committee

     – One call regarding a deck replacement.

Ponds and Commons Committee
     – All work is complete on the Ponds Remediation Project #2.
     – Michael Scott has gotten the results on the algae in Magnolia this year and it is a super strain of algae caused by the weather this year. He is going to make a treatment at his expense to help him to figure out what is going on.

Web and Communications Committee
     – Pictures have been added of the Child Safety Event and a banner for the Halloween Parade on the website.
     – Three more people have signed up for newsletter. There are now 179 subscriptions to the newsletter.
     – A newsletter will be going out at the end of next week before the Halloween Parade.

Babysitters Committee
     – Two more requests for the list. 57 families have now received the list.

Hotline Report
     – Two calls during September. One was a lost dog. The other was a call about dues.

Neighborhood Watch/Social Committee
     – The Child Safety event was held in September. There was not the turnout of last year but all went well. There were some new faces as far as volunteers.
     – The Halloween Parade and Festivities is coming up with a meeting next week to finalize plans.
     – Turned in receipt to Paul for a reimbursement for expenses of candy.
     – The school fishing trip that was allowed was a huge success and the children had a great time.

Open Issues
     – There will be no reduction in the number of board members at this time.

New business
     – There is discussion of having no board meeting in December.  Instead hold a budget planning meeting to discuss and plan the 2011 budget prior to the annual January meeting. This will be decided at the November meeting.

Motion to adjourn
     – Made by Jim and seconded by Ginny
     – Meeting adjourned 8:01 p.m.