Newsletter – January 2010

     On January 17, 2010 the Annual Meeting for the membership of the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association was held at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.
     Annual Reports were provided by the Treasurer, and the Chairpersons of the Architectural Committee, Babysitters Committee, Ponds and Commons Committee, Social Committee, Web/Communications Committee and Neighborhood Watch Committee.

Summary of the 2009 Crestlake Homeowners’ Association Board Activities
Election of officers
Establishment of committee leadership
Renewal of corporate certificate
Completion of annual report
Filing of CHOA tax return
Renewal of liability insurance for association
Collection of membership assessments
Initiation of Neighborhood Watch program
Improved accuracy of membership list
Meetings with Village officials
Use of  signs as meeting reminders
Hiring of new accounting service for CHOA
Acquisition of funding for pond remediation
Development of 2010 operating budget
Regular attendance by CHOA rep at Village Board meetings
Architectural Committee: Enforcement of CHOA rules related to architectural and common areas.

Babysitter Committee: Expansion of the neighborhood babysitter list
3 sitters added in 2009 making a total of 19 sitters
46 families that have received list

Web & Communications Committee: Significant increase in use of website
Publication of 8 newsletters in 2009
Electronic meeting reminders
Number of visits to CHOA website doubled
159 residents registered on website
Expansion of Crestlake website including addition of Neighborhood Watch and Youth Events pages

Neighborhood Watch Committee: Establishment of active Neighborhood Watch program
Division of Crestlake into 12 areas
Identification of 9 Block Captains
3 Neighborhood Watch events held in 2009
Plans for as many as 8 events in 2010

Ponds & Commons Committee: Maintenance and remediation of ponds and common areas
Initiation of remediation of ponds
Contract for mowing of common areas
Obtained loan for cost of ponds remediation
Installed aerator & signs on Magnolia Pond
Completion of work on Hawthorne and Glover Ponds
Located local service for chemical treatment of ponds