Newsletter – January 2011

     The Annual Meeting for the membership of Crestlake Homeowners’ Association was held on Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011 at the St. Joseph Township Building.
     Reports were made at the Annual Meeting regarding the various committees that are manned by Board members.  The Treasurer’s report indicated that the activities undertaken in 2010 by the CHOA Board were completed under budget. The Secretary reported that 22 homes were purchased in Crestlake during 2010.  Welcome letters were sent out to new homeowners.  Welcome letters are sent out by the Secretary, Michele Guido, on a quarterly basis.  Elmer Nicklas reported that Phase 2 of the work on the ponds was completed under budget.  The needed maintenance on Magnolia Pond has been deferred until after the current loan, obtained to pay for the repairs of the ponds, has been repaid.  Mike Anderson, Webmaster and outgoing CHOA President, reported that the mailing list of the monthly newsletter continues to grow and that more of the families living in Crestlake are receiving news about the neighborhood via the internet on a monthly basis.  The Neighborhood Watch and Social Committee report indicated that the activities held this year were successful.  The Neighborhood Watch goal is to have Block Captains for all 12 Neighborhood Watch areas in Crestlake by the end of 2011.  Mike Anderson presented the 2011 budget which was approved unanimously.

     Mike Anderson reported that he was retiring from the CHOA Board of Directors.  This will leave 2 positions open on the Board.  Two other Board members have indicated their intent to resign in the near future.  New Board members will be needed for the CHOA Board to continue to function over the long term.  If the Board of Directors were to dissolve due to atrophy, there would be no one to insure that the ponds and common areas were properly maintained which could result in a loss in property value.  The Board of Directors insures that the nonprofit status of the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association and the liability insurance policy are maintained.  Without liability insurance, each Crestlake homeowner would be liable for 1/343rd of any liability suit if someone was injured while in a Crestlake common area or near one of the Crestlake ponds.  Therefore, the continuation of the Homeowners’ Association is important to every resident of Crestlake.

     Immediately after the Annual Meeting, the first meeting of the Board of Directors for 2011 was held.  During the Board of Directors meeting, the 2011 Officers were elected.  Jim Brock was elected as President.  Art Rapp was reelected as Vice President and Paul Duitsman was elected as Treasurer again this year.  Michele Guido was reelected to be the CHOA Secretary in 2011.  Art, Paul and Michele will each be serving in their office for the second consecutive year.  This will be Jim’s second year as the President but his terms have not been consecutive.  Mike Anderson, the CHOA President in 2010, resigned from the Board but agreed to temporarily continue as the Webmaster for the Crestlake website.
     Committee Chairs were also designated at the Board meeting.  In 2011, Rick Edwards will serve as Chairman of the Architectural Committee and Michele Guido will serve as the Chairperson for the Babysitters Committee.  Mike Anderson will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Web Committee until a replacement can be located and trained.  Ginny Bolan will serve as Chair for the Social and Neighborhood Watch Committees.  Ginny will also serve as Chair of the Newsletter Committee.

     The Crestlake Neighborhood Watch program has now been in existence for 3 years.  This year, a Bicycle Safety Rodeo will be held in Crestwood Park on May 15 from 2 pm until 4 pm.  The Champaign Urbana Public Health District has been contacted to try and have a Car Seat Safety Inspection Station as part of this Safety Event.  However, the Neighborhood Watch Committee has not yet received a response from CUPHD about their availability on Sunday, May 15.
     Michele Guido has stepped down from the Neighborhood Watch Committee.  Volunteers are needed to serve on the committee and to help with the Bicycle Rodeo in May and the Halloween Parade next October.
     Volunteers are also needed for the three areas in Crestlake that do not have Block Captains.  Areas 1, 8 and 12 do not consistently receive information about the Neighborhood Watch program because of the lack of Block Captains.  If you live in one of these areas or know someone who does, please, contact a Crestlake Board to get more information about Neighborhood Watch.