Newsletter – March 2010

     Volunteers fill the positions on your Board of Directors – five officers and four members at large. In January one board member retired, but no one has volunteered to fill this vacancy. Board members have been attempting to fill this position, but have been unsuccessful so far. Please volunteer yourself or a willing neighbor. The commitment is not too demanding when shared by a full board. Please volunteer by going to or call the board at 353-LAKE.

     Neighborhood Watch continues to need Block Captains for Area 1 (501 – 613 Chestnut Dr.), and Area 3 (501 – 518 N. Cedar Dr., Holzem Ct. and 1403 – 1511 E. Grand Ave. (odd numbers only). Area 12 (N. Glover Ct, S. Glover Ct., 2000 – 2005 E. Grand Ave.) may also need a Block Captain. If you are willing to serve as a Block Captain or know of someone who would make a good Block Captain, please contact someone on the Neighborhood Watch Committee. We really need your help to make Neighborhood Watch effective.




     On March 27, members of the Crestlake Neighborhood Watch Committee distributed information to Crestlake residents living in areas without Block Captains. The handouts included information on both Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Watch activities planned for 2010.
     The Neighborhood Watch Working Committee is planning several events during 2010.  In addition to a Child Safety event in September and participating in the Crestlake Homeowners’ Association Halloween Parade and Festivities in October, Neighborhood Watch will sponsor a Gardening Contest in May, a Neighborhood Get-Together in June and a Christmas Decoration Contest in December. A Neighborhood Watch information table at the St. Joseph Community Festival and a Seniors’ Safety program may also be presented in 2010.  Watch for further details about these events in future newsletters and on the Crestlake website.
     Anyone who is interested in volunteering to help in the planning and/or execution of any of these activities, please contact your Block Captain, Jim Brock, Michele Guido or Ginny Bolan.

     The repair work to riprap on the shores of both Grand Pond and Park Pond will begin as soon as the weather permits. We do not want to work while it is wet as it will cause ruts that will need to be repaired. This will take away from the funds to do the riprap repairs.
     We are currently experiencing some damage caused by muskrats. These animals are protected as furbearing animals by the State of Illinois. Therefore we will have to follow special procedures to rid our ponds of these pests. Your Board is determining what needs to be done to correct this problem. We are currently working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in Gibson City to develop a plan.

     The Village of St. Joseph has brush pickup the first full work week of each month April – November, weather permitting.
     Whole trees and grass clippings will not be accepted. The maximum length of branches is 8 feet and the maximum diameter is 10 inches. Brush trimmings and twigs should be placed in PAPER bags. Do not stack brush around power poles or fences.
     Brush pickup will begin on the south side of town and proceed north through town. All brush to be picked up should be put out by Sunday night. The following items are not accepted and will not be picked up: whole trees, grass clippings and plastic bags.
     Pickups for 2010 are scheduled** for the following weeks:

     April 5 – 9
     May  3 – 7
     June 7 – 11
     July 12 – 16
     August 2 – 6
     September 13 – 17
     October 4 – 8
     November 1 – 5

     ** Sometimes (rarely, but it does happen) it is necessary to change the dates of the pickups, so check the Village website closer to the pickup month.
     Note: If you have landscape waste that the Village will not pick up, check with the Landscape Recycling Center, 1210 E. University Ave. in Urbana. The phone number is 344-5323.

     Newsletters sent via email are the primary method of communicating with Crestlake property owners. However, only about half of Crestlake families have signed up to receive these newsletters. Please remind your neighbors to visit and sign up to receive additional announcements like this via email. Newsletters and meeting reminders will be emailed regularly.